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Aug 23, 2018 · Lillian Celia "Lily" van der Woodsen (née Rhodes, previously Mueller, Bass, and Bass Humphrey) is the mother to Serena and Eric van der ... Scott Rosson · William van der Woodsen · Valley Girls · CeCe Rhodes

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Who does Lily van der Woodsen end up with?
They become friends again and realize they still harbor feelings for one another. They begin dating again and eventually marry in Rufus Getting Married. However, Lily later chooses Bart Bass over Rufus and annuls their marriage in The Return of the Ring.
What sickness does Lily have on Gossip Girl?
Lily returns to New York with Serena, and reveals to Rufus, along with William, that she has been sick with cancer and William has been helping heal her (Dr.
Does Lily really have cancer in Gossip Girl?
Season 3. In season three, Lily hides the fact that she has cancer from her family with the exception of her mother, CeCe Rhodes, and goes to her ex-husband for treatment. When Lily's husband, Rufus Humphrey, finds out, it causes a strain in their marriage.
What happened to Lily in Gossip Girl?
It is revealed she was also institutionalized at 19 much like her son Eric. It was later revealed that it was not because of a suicide attempt, but because she was pregnant with Rufus's child. The son she gave up, Scott, came to New York to find them. Rufus and Lily returned to New York, and became a couple.
Lillian "Lily" van der Woodsen (née Rhodes) is a fictional character from the book series Gossip Girl and the series' television adaptation of the same name.
Aug 30, 2018 · Lily and Rufus have no relationship in the Gossip Girl novels as Dan and Serena only date briefly and Lily is married to William van der Woodsen.
The character is portrayed by Brittany Snow in flashback sequences. She adopts Chuck Bass in the second season after Bart's death. In the last episode of the ...

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Scott Rosson is the biological son of Rufus Humphrey and Lily van der Woodsen. He was born at a French hospital sometime in 1986, whom Lily secretly gave ...
In 2007, Rutherford began starring as Lily van der Woodsen in the CW series Gossip Girl. The series ended in 2012. Rutherford has also starred in a number of  ...
946 Followers, 157 Following, 310 Posts - See Instagram photos and videos from Lily Van der Woodsen (Rhodes) (@lilyhumphreyofficial)
At the end of season 6, it is revealed that in season 2 Bart Bass faked his death and was really alive. She was still married to Rufus at the time, but she had to ...
May 25, 2017 · ... a semi-famous band in the nineties, and now spends his days running an art gallery which only ever sells paintings to Lily Van Der Woodsen.

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