Fear Factor

2001 ‧ Game Show ‧ 7 seasons
5.7/10 ˇ IMDb 7.5/10 ˇ
A group of contestants are challenged to perform a number of terrifying and/or disgusting stunts, from driving a dangerous course to eating something really nasty. If a contestant refuses a challenge, fails in a challenge, or has the worst...
First episode date: June 11, 2001
Final episode date: August 21, 2018
Presented by: Joe Rogan (NBC), Ludacris (MTV), and Ludacris
Networks: MTV and NBC
S07 E10 ˇ Leeches & Shaved Heads & Tear Gas, Oh My! -- Part 2
Jul 16, 2012
S07 E09 ˇ Leeches & Shaved Heads & Tear Gas, Oh My! -- Part 1
Jul 9, 2012
S07 E06 ˇ Hee Haw! Hee Haw!
Jan 30, 2012
S07 E05 ˇ Roach Coach
Jan 9, 2012
S07 E04 ˇ Snake Bite
Jan 2, 2012
S07 E03 ˇ Tall Crappaccino
Dec 19, 2011
S07 E02 ˇ Broken Hearts & Blood Baths
Dec 12, 2011
S07 E01 ˇ Scorpion Tales
Dec 12, 2011
S02 E19 ˇ Swim with Gators; Buffet; Tanker Truck (Championship Edition - Part 2)
May 20, 2002
S02 E17 ˇ Roof to Roof Jump; Fear Factor Spaghetti; Submerged Fuselage
May 6, 2002
S02 E16 ˇ Sky Surfing; Fear Factor Billards; Container Jump (Twins Edition)
Apr 29, 2002
S02 E15 ˇ Public Nudity; Eat Roaches; Chain Submerge
Apr 15, 2002
S02 E14 ˇ Helicopter Jump; Tarantula Torture Cell; Water Tube
Apr 8, 2002
S02 E13 ˇ Tunnel Swim; Eat Balut; Bike Plank
Mar 25, 2002
S02 E12 ˇ MTV Spring Break Edition
Mar 23, 2002
S02 E11 ˇ Bridge Hang; Uterus Skeeball; Cable Plate Walk
Mar 18, 2002
S02 E10 ˇ Spiderman; Coffin; Water Cage (Celebrity Edition)
Mar 11, 2002
S02 E09 ˇ Vertical Gauntlet; Rat Hat; Semi Truck Beam Walk
Mar 4, 2002
S02 E08 ˇ WWE Stars
Feb 25, 2002
S02 E07 ˇ Blimp Climb; Bobbing in Wax Worms; Car Flip
Feb 4, 2002
S02 E06 ˇ Playboy Playmates Edition
Feb 3, 2002
S02 E05 ˇ Helicopter Fire Drill; Eat Rectum; Ledge Walk
Jan 28, 2002
S02 E04 ˇ Boat Jump; Swimming with the Fishes; Flag Snag
Jan 21, 2002
S02 E03 ˇ Bull Riding; Eat Brains; Zip Line
Jan 14, 2002
S02 E02 ˇ Airplane Walk; Snake Face-off; Car Launch
Jan 8, 2002
S02 E01 ˇ Bus Surfing; Torture Cell; Swinging Circle (Celebrity Edition)
Nov 27, 2001
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Has anyone died on Fear Factor?
Has anyone died Fear Factor? Yes. In 2005, a popular contestant in the Thai versionof Fear Factor died of a contusion to the head while taping. Contestants & TV Hosts have died in several otherreality shows around the world while doing sports such asskydiving.
Why was Fear Factor Cancelled?
On June 5, 2010, it was announced that the project was cancelled because of the low sales of the first season DVD. With Chiller airing reruns of the show every Sunday night, the ratings on Chiller led to Comcast informing Entertainment Weekly in a May 31, 2011 report that Fear Factor would be revived for a new season.
Is fear factor coming back 2020?
The series is now making another return. It was hosted by Joe Rogan. EndemolShine and Casting Duo are excited to announce the hit show Fear Factor is back. Now casting teams of two to compete for up to $50,000!
What is the meaning of Fear Factor?
noun. A feeling of apprehension or fear, usually viewed as a reason not to do something; a cause of such a feeling; the extent to which such a feeling is predominant.
Fear Factor was an American stunt/dare game show that first aired on NBC from 2001 to 2006 and was initially hosted by comedian and UFC commentator Joe ... Fear Factor Live ˇ Category ˇ Franchise ˇ Unleashed No. of seasons: Original series: 6; Revived series: 1; MTV series: 2 No. of episodes: Original series: 144; Revived series: 9; MTV series: 35 Picture format: 480i SDTV (2001–06); 1080i HDTV (2011–12; 2017–18) Theme music composer: Russ Landau
Hosted by Joe Rogan, Fear Factor is the competition reality series in which contestants must decide if they have the guts and determination to face their fears  ...
Rating (6,247)
Joe Rogan - Host: I'm Joe Rogan, and this is Fear Factor. The stunts you are about to see were all designed and supervised by trained professionals. They are ... First episode date: 11 June 2001
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May 16, 2020 ˇ No matter what your deepest, darkest fear is, Fear Factor probably has a challenge that will send ...Duration: 43:03 Posted: May 16, 2020

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