Camina Drummer is the captain of Medina Station. Prior to that commission, she was Fred Johnson's second in command on Tycho Station. Books ˇ Cara Gee ˇ Medina Station ˇ Marco Inaros Seasons: Two, Three, Four

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Is Camina drummer in the books?
Drummer's first name, Camina, is first mentioned in Book #7 Persepolis Rising by Saba.
What ethnicity is Cara Gee?
Cara Gee is of Ojibwe descent. She was born in Calgary, Alberta, and raised in Aurora, Ontario.
How old is Cara Gee?
36 years (November 17, 1983)
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Who is Fred Johnson's assistant?
The Expanse season 2 introduces Fred Johnson's assistant, Camina Drummer, taken directly from the books.
Camina Drummer is a Belter woman working as Chief of Security on Tycho Station. Appearance. Status: Alive💓
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This page is about the TV character. For the books incarnation, see Camina Drummer (Books). Camina Drummer1 is the captain of Medina Station. Prior to that ...
Cara Gee is a Canadian film, television, and stage actress. Contents. 1 Career; 2 Personal life ... on the KindaTV YouTube channel. Since 2017 she has played the role of Camina Drummer on the Syfy/Amazon television series The Expanse. Career ˇ Filmography
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Camina Drummer's Playlist. By The Expanse. "I have never had more fun putting together a playlist. Music is such a huge part of how I have found Drummer!

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