Brianna Randall Fraser

Fictional character
Played by: Sophie Skelton
TV show: Outlander
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Brianna Ellen Randall Fraser MacKenzie is the second daughter of Claire and Jamie Fraser. Brianna did not know the story of her true parentage until after the ... Jeremiah MacKenzie · Roger MacKenzie · Amanda MacKenzie · Stephen Bonnet Born: November 23, 1948 in Boston, Massachusetts, USA (age 32) Full name: Brianna Ellen Randall Fraser MacKenzie Height: 6'0" (183 cm) Hair color: Red

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Who is the father of Brianna Randall baby?
Jeremiah "Jemmy" Alexander Ian Fraser MacKenzie - Roger and Brianna's son, born in 18th century colonial North Carolina, and who, like his parents, granny Claire, and sister Amanda, can time-travel.
Does Jamie ever meet Brianna in Outlander?
OUTLANDER season four saw Jamie Fraser come face-to-face with his daughter Brianna after the pair spent two decades in separate periods of time. But fans have noticed something odd about their first meeting.
Is Brianna Claire and Jamie's daughter?
Brianna Ellen Randall Fraser MacKenzie is the second daughter of Claire and Jamie Fraser.
Are Sophie Skelton and Richard Rankin still together?
While some fans might want to see Skelton, 25, and Rankin, 37, get together in real life, there's no evidence that these two are anything but friendly colleagues. Neither actor has revealed much about their personal life in interviews, so we don't know if they are dating other people or currently single.
Brianna Ellen Randall Fraser MacKenzie is one of the major protagonists in the Outlander franchise. She is the daughter of Claire and Jaime Fraser, wife of ...
Sophie Alexandra Skelton (born 7 March 1994) is an English actress best known for her role as Brianna Fraser in the Starz drama series Outlander ... 2016 also saw Skelton cast in the role of Brianna Randall Fraser in STARZ hit TV Series ... Biography · Filmography · Television
Nov 1, 2018 · Bree was a sassy, spoiled young lady who grows into a sassy, powerful woman. She needed to be strong in order to survive the things she is ...
Brianna Ellen Randall Fraser Mackenzie. Brianna MacKenzie. Full name: Brianna Ellen Randall Fraser MacKenzie. Also known as: Bree, Brianna Randall,  ...
Jul 17, 2020 · ... set eyes on Brianna Fraser in season two of the Star series when Claire Fraser returned to the 20th Century and reunited with Frank Randall.
Outlander Season 2 Finally Has a Brianna! - That's Normal. Starz has finally announced who will play Brianna in Outlander: Sophie Skelton!
Nov 23, 2016 - Happy Birthday, Brianna Ellen Randall Fraser MacKenzie! November 23,1958.
Known For. Outlander Brianna Randall Fraser (2016-2020). 211 Lisa MacAvoy ( 2018). Ren Ren (2016). Known For. Day of the Dead: Bloodline Zoe (2017).
Mar 15, 2020 · sam heughan jamie fraser sophie skelton brianna randall fraser. Skelton as Bree and Sam Heughan as her father, Jamie Frasier. Aimee Spinks. Country of nationality: United Kingdom Nationality: United Kingdom

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