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Palestine / Continent

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Oct 5, 2020 · Palestine is a small region of land that has played a prominent role in the ancient and ... Palestine sits at a valuable geographic crossroads between Africa and Asia. ... Until 1948, Palestine typically referred to the geographic region located ...
Jun 26, 2020 · East Jerusalem is located on the Palestinian side of the 1949 Green Line. Three million Palestinians live in the West Bank and East Jerusalem.
Feb 24, 2020 · Palestine, area of the eastern Mediterranean region, comprising parts of modern Israel and the Palestinian territories of the Gaza Strip (along the coast of the Mediterranean Sea) and the West Bank (the area west of the Jordan River).
Sep 18, 2020 · Palestine is an area in the eastern Mediterranean region between the Jordan River and the Mediterranean Sea in Asia. Palestine territories include the Gaza Strip, West Bank, and parts of modern Israel.
Sep 15, 2020 · The rise of Palestinian Arab nationalism coupled with the rapid growth of Palestine's smaller Jewish population - especially after the advent of Nazism in the 1930s ...
Jun 25, 2020 · It is a chunk of land located - as the name suggests - on the west bank of the ... Mr Netanyahu has said Israeli sovereignty will not be applied to Palestinians in ...
Apr 3, 2020 · Palestine was among former Ottoman territories placed under UK ... Israel began the construction of a West Bank separation wall, located mostly within the ...
Oct 17, 2020 · Palestine (Arabic: فلسطين Filasṭīn), recognized officially as the State of ... Pool of the Tribes of the Children of Israel) was a public cistern located on the ...
Jun 13, 2020 · Palestine (the official name is the State of Palestine) is located in the Eastern Mediterranean. The name of “Palestine” has long been used as a general reference ...

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