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16 hours ago · Coronavirus, police, mask, fake, impersonator, stop, fraud. U.S. ... Coyote Mauls 5 -Year-Old Girl Walking With Her Family in California Park ... Teenage McDonald's Staff Member Arrested After Allegedly Faking Coronavirus ... "The man called me names, spit on me, pushed me, purposely coughed on me and then hit me.

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12 hours ago · Boy, 16, busted for impersonating a police officer after being pulled over in a car ... from New Mexico was caught by authorities while he was staging a traffic stop just ... I went into the convenience store I was at and they called the police for me to ... Allen Cottrell, 64, was armed while walking outside his home on Friday near  ...
7 hours ago · Police must enforce the Stay at Home order fairly, without racial double- standards ... That's especially true since “walking, hiking, running, or biking… ... particular outdoor activities are harmful during the pandemic, and taking steps to prevent them, ... Images from the CPD flier that is being distributed to drivers at traffic stops.
13 hours ago · Welcome to the official Richmond Police Department Facebook page. ... address the rapidly developing public safety concerns during the COVID-19 crisis. ... She colored the picture and asked me to forward the meaning of each color she used. ... shows three unknown males walking in an alley near North Allen Avenue and  ...
19 hours ago · ... 6 a.m. Monday, sources said. Police investigate a shooting at 32 Pulaski St. in Brooklyn. ... spread of coronavirus. By... New Yorkers walk around Central Park.
6 hours ago · Rules for thee, but not for me? ... Oakland police said three people were arrested during the sideshow activity, and 12 vehicles towed. ... Oh, I forgot: Michael Brown was stopped by an officer in Ferguson, Missouri for ... wait for it ... jaywalking. ... (from the comments) - Walking down Michigan Ave. at rush hour last Friday, as ...
10 hours ago · PoliceOne is the most popular destination for Police Officers, Cops & Law Enforcement. Find breaking news and ... Why agencies must continue recruitment during the COVID-19 pandemic. The One Resource for Police Officers and Law Enforcement ... Law enforcement, PPE manufacturers step up efforts to stop scams.
15 hours ago · Tanya was asked for her home address when she was stopped in north ... A woman has hit out at police after she was approached by an officer when ... 'I felt I was being interrogated, and he made me feel like a criminal with all the questions.
11 hours ago · Police will have power to issue on-the-spot fines of £30 to people who are seen ... Casual riding has been stopped in France but not in the UK, Germany or Spain . ... While allotments are not specifically cited, the Government says "outdoor ...
15 minutes ago · They involved cheesecake, crab legs, underwear and a walk outside. ... Battle Creek police arrested a woman and sought a warrant for another after ... Someone stopped by while officers were there, saying she came to buy crab legs . ... “I've been a police officer for a long time, so nothing surprises me anymore,” he said.