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పౌర దుస్తులు
"civil dress" in Telugu
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5 hours ago · Tumbler definition: A tumbler is a drinking glass with straight sides. | Meaning ... a . a device for tumbling laundered clothes about in hot air until they are dry. b.
19 hours ago · vibrant definition: 1. energetic, exciting, and full of enthusiasm: 2. Vibrant colour or light is bright and strong…. Learn more.
21 hours ago · Firelight made plain his off-world dress, and he swung up a blaster, aiming at the nearest of the waiting beasts. Voodoo Planet|Andre Norton.
22 hours ago · Terrestrial radiation definition, long-wave electromagnetic radiation in the form of heat emitted from the earth's surface and atmosphere. See more.
5 hours ago · Tablighi Jamaat is an Islamic missionary movement that focuses on urging Muslims to return to practising their religion as it was practised during the lifetime of the Islamic prophet Muhammad, and particularly in matters of ritual, dress and ... Arabic: جماعاتِ meaning Assembly) of at least ten persons and send them to ...
9 hours ago · Deshastha Brahmins are a Hindu Brahmin subcaste mainly from the Indian state of ... Marriage alliance between Deshastha Rigvedi Brahmins, Telugu Brahmins ... The word Madhyandin is a fusion of two words Madhya and din which mean ... in the subordinate civil and revenue establishments in the Guntur district were ...
20 hours ago · In a series of tweets written in Telugu, the 64-year-old actor detailed about the ... Manasanamaha, a palindrome meaning salutations to the mind, is an almost ...
12 hours ago · Latest Movies · Bollywood Movies · Hollywood Movies · Tamil Movies 2020 · Telugu Movies 2020 · Malayalam Movies 2020 · Kannada Movies 2020 · Marathi  ...
4 hours ago · net dictionary. Any opinions in the examples do not represent the opinion of the Cambridge Dictionary editors or of Cambridge University Press or its licensors.
15 hours ago · The first rap song he uploaded on youtube was telugu veera which tells the importance of telugu language and great Telugu People. He says that his inspiration ...