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It was then revealed at the end of the episode that the Nogitsune had possessed Stiles Stilinski at some point following his death and resurrection as a result of the  ...

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Peter had done a lot of bad in his life and he was well aware of that. He made no apologies for what he was and was under no illusion he was "good". He did like ...
The world ceases to exist, in that very moment. Stiles is aware only distantly of the others trying to get to him, bouncing off the shield he just threw behind his ...
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In Season 3, the Nogitsune is a 1000-year-old Void kitsune spirit that takes possession of Stiles Stilinski as 'Void Stiles' to cause chaos and strife throughout  ...
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With the Nogitsune still in control of their friend, Scott and Lydia find an unlikely ally in Peter Hale. Elsewhere, the ... Dylan O'Brien ... Stiles Stilinski / Nogitsune.