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Feb 5, 2015 · ... laughable) edition of the “Scream” series. Jolie (played by Parker Posey) is an actor playing Weathers (played by Courteney Cox) in “Stab 3,” ...
Video for scream 3 Parker Posey
Nov 2, 2015 · Gale (Courtney Cox) and Jennifer (Parker Posey) team up to uncover the true identity of ...Duration: 3:20 Posted: Nov 2, 2015
Video for scream 3 Parker Posey
Nov 2, 2015 · After the explosion, Gale (Courtney Cox) gives Jennifer (Parker Posey) what she deserves after ...Duration: 1:32 Posted: Nov 2, 2015
Feb 3, 2020 · Scream 3 Turns 20: Parker Posey on Character's Cult Status and Getting Punched by Courteney Cox (Exclusive). Movies By TooFab Staff ...
Parker Posey: Jennifer Jolie. Showing all 36 items. Jump to: Photos (24); Quotes (12) ...

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Parker Posey and Courteney Cox in Scream 3 (2000)
Parker Christian Posey is an American actress and musician. She portrays Jennifer Jolie, the actress who portrays Gale Weathers in Stab 3: Return to ...
Scream 3 is a 2000 American slasher film directed by Wes Craven and written by Ehren Kruger. It stars David Arquette, Neve Campbell, Courteney Cox, Patrick Dempsey, Jenny McCarthy, Parker Posey, and Deon ...
Oct 1, 2016 · I could watch Parker Posey as Jennifer Jolie playing Gale Weathers all day. Neve Campbell may be the franchise heroine, but Posey is the star of ...
Oct 25, 2019 · Jennifer Jolie. Actor: Parker Posey Movie(s): Scream 3. It's a mighty low bar to clear to be the saving grace of Scream 3, ...