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You can pick up your gift bags at the coat check." In "Black Tie", Rosellini played Bianca, the ex-wife of Alec Baldwin's character, Jack Donaghy. Rosellini would ... Plot · Production · Reception

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John Francis "Jack" Donaghy is a fictional character on the NBC sitcom 30 Rock, airing from ... When Bianca shows up, Jack passes Liz off as his girlfriend to make Bianca jealous. When Liz pretends Jack has ... Avery Jessup (Elizabeth Banks) - Jack's ex-wife and mother to their daughter, Liddy. She is kidnapped to North ... Storylines and ... · Relationships · Personality · Family
Bianca is Jack Donaghy's ex-wife, whose years of marital bliss with the network exec weren't all that rosy, since Jack's mother never liked her from the beginning  ...
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... assumption that this will be a date. Jack first tells her it is not a date until they meet his ex-wife at the party. ... Frank Rossitano. Alec Baldwin ... Jack Donaghy. Isabella Rossellini as Bianca · Full Cast & Crew · User Reviews · Tracy Jordan
Bianca Donaghy : [Jack is passing Liz off as his girlfriend to his ex-wife] She's much sharper than the last girl you had. What was her name? Jack Donaghy ...
Jul 31, 2018 · Isabella Rossellini played Jack Donaghy's ex-wife. ... during season one as Bianca, Jack Donaghy's (Alec Baldwin's) ex-wife who appears very ...
A great memorable quote from the 30 Rock movie on - Bianca Donaghy: [Jack is passing Liz off has his girlfriend to his ex-wife] She's much sharper ...
Bianca (ex-wife), ... John Francis "Jack" Donaghy is a fictional character in the NBC sitcom 30 Rock. ... since Josh has a flawless "Jack Donaghy" impersonation .
... from a secret admirer. Jack, fresh from the finalization of his divorce from Bianca, wants to celebrate his new bachelorhood with Tracy, who for once wants a night alone with his wife. ... Guest Starring. Isabella Rossellini - Bianca Donaghy ...
Oct 24, 2012 - Bianca / Jack Donaghy / Little Black Book / Girlfriend / Ex-Wife / 30 Rock.