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Jack Donaghy ... Embed quotes on your blog or website ... Jack: I would think that the single woman's biggest worry would be choking to death in her apartment.
Jack's Top 250 Quotes ... ''Oh, Mr. Donaghy, I forgot to give you the factory worker death rates.'' Then, she'd laugh at your lame joke. A touch on the arm.
May 4, 2019 · Of all the characters on 30 Rock, Jack Donaghy probably has the best quotes of them all, which is saying something for a series that routinely ...
Jan 8, 2018 · Whether you need lessons on drinking for business or pacing yourself during a long night, here are the best Jack Donaghy drinking quotes to ...
28 Hilarious Jack Donaghy Quotes That Sort Of Explain Life. Jack Donaghy — boss, patrician, and man with perfectly manicured hair — was the sardonic ...
Jack Donaghy quotes, on business. Privacy Policy. Management lessons from Jack Donaghy of "30 Rock": A look at some golden business nuggets from the ...
Oct 31, 2016 · So, here are the best Jack Donaghy quotes for the next time you need to prove to everyone that you are, in fact, better than other people.
Jul 9, 2015 · While 30 Rock was Tina Fey's show, Alec Baldwin's Jack Donaghy was often the best part. He was sometimes a corporate conservative ...
Apr 14, 2011 · Jack Donaghy Quotes. Jack: You like NBC, don't you Kenneth? Kenneth: I think it's the most wonderful place in the whole wide world.