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The first few seasons, the fear and shock is believable...but I've been watching ... My problem with scare tactics is this...they don't go nearly far enough in making ...
AMA Request: Someone who worked on Scare Tactics. ... that the bigger bits with pyro were always harder to get a real scare out of the person. ... Also, sitting around a room with other writers and bullshitting is a big part of it. ... Hello Reddit!

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Hi Reddit,. I created and executive produced over 100 episodes of Scare Tactics for SyFy. ... It's all about real people going on what they think are real reality shows… but they're not. Here's a look at ... My first reddit experience was a great one! ... What is the most common prank that people fall for, like every time!? level 2.
Just as real as Cardi B's ass. level 2. Spongball ... Is there a source for Scare Tactics? ... Or is there something I'm missing in the way the primary works? 26.2k.
If you haven't seen Scare Tactics, it is a reality horror show where they set ... I don 't post very often on reddit anymore and when I did post, they were horror ...
What is the coolest website you've visited that no one knows about? 93.4k ... Pansexuals of Reddit, what is your favorite type of pan to cook with and why? 77.0k.
What is your all time favorite setup from Scare Tactics? ... the End of Time: Mind, Matter, and Our Search for Meaning in an Evolving Universe" AMA! Hi Reddit,.
Some of you may remember the show Scare Tactics from the early 2000s. Who can forget ... This thread is archived ... The guy is mic'd up, no way this it is real.
... prank encounters it seems like a carbon copy of Scare tactics which is also on Netflix btw. The only real difference I see, without watching the show mind you, ...
The problem is the video is too good-I't not hidden camera, they get ... Scare Tactics is just the tip of the iceberg. ... Some of the dialogue is awkward enough to seem real - actors trying to ... Facebook · Submit Thread to reddit ...

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