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This is a list of mockumentaries. Mockumentary or mock documentary is a genre of film and ... This Is Spinal Tap (1984), a film crew follows a British hard rock band attempting to revive their popularity; the first of ... 30 minuten (NL, 1995- 1997), follows a different fictional character each week, played by Arjan Ederveen. Film ˇ Television ˇ Series ˇ Individual episodes

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Mar 19, 2015 ˇ Ten years ago, a mockumentary remake kicked off the last great era of the network sitcom ... (“Over 50 million viewers” is a phrase that barely exists anymore.) But the ... 30 Rock also became, in a weird way, one of NBC's best ...
Sep 17, 2015 ˇ how different/same is parks from the two mentioned above? ... I will admit that i have 30rock not much of a chance since it was right after the office fiasco, lol ... The first couple were too Office-like, with some 30 Rock zaniness thrown in. ... it's shot in the same mockumentary style and has the same type of humour as 30 Rock.
Apr 30, 2020 ˇ The path of the mockumentary series arcs from a trailer park in Nova Scotia ... It's nonetheless fitting that TV's foremost mockumentary is now quite ... Kevin Hart's Real Husbands of Hollywood, Hulu's Hotwives, and 30 Rock's ...
Oct 2, 2013 ˇ But Liz may have gifted us with a son in Andy Samberg. ... and the mockumentary sitcoms' more modest, character-deepening supplementary scenes. ... That 30 Rock could be, at is core, about a rather serious topic – a nearly ...
Jul 16, 2020 ˇ But don't worry, “30 Rock” lovers. There are still a few ways to catch tonight's program. Advertisement. What time is the show, ...
Apr 22, 2015 ˇ ... a meta twist revolves around the Muppets' own efforts to reboot their show, is said to be a mockumentary in the style of The Office or 30 Rock.
Feb 24, 2015 ˇ 30 Rock exists in my memory as a flawless, precious diamond, unsullied ... The Office is Parks' closest analogue, and maybe its cautionary tale.
It's a familiar enough trope in movies and commonplace in theater, from Shakespeare's ... People Like Us (1999), led the way for hit mockumentary shows like Parks and Recreation, Canadian sitcom ... 30 Rock (NBC, 2006 – 2013) ... Sometimes he'll tell the audience what he thinks a character is going to do or say, and then ...
I believe, 30 Rock was a mockumentary in a true sense. Pop culture references and ... Which show is better, The Office or Parks and Recreation? 72,861 Views.

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