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The Dark Future is an eradicated version of the future in which the Charmed Ones died under unknown circumstances, and Wyatt Halliwell was raised evil and ...
Phoebe has a horrifying premonition of her own execution, so the sisters cast a one-time spell that catapults them into the future to try to change her fate. Cast.

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Future Whitelighters Physical description Species Mortals Affiliation Occupation Meant to do...
Video for charmed future
Sep 5, 2007 ˇ CharmedWitches1992. CharmedWitches1992. 241 subscribers. Subscribe. This video shows ...Duration: 3:40 Posted: Sep 5, 2007
Meanwhile, future Chris and Wyatt explain that Wyatt lost his powers in the middle of a demon fight, and Billie reveals that Dumain convinced her and Christy to ...
Rating (874)
In the future, Prue finds herself as a blond with a ruthless business reputation, Phoebe is in prison facing an imminent execution appointment, and Piper ...
Rating (536)
... Chris, the mysterious new whitelighter. It shows why he has come back from the future and reveals crucial details that Chris has not told the Charmed Ones.
Here's why I think that future sucks (and not just because of the whole witch hunting business):. In that future, Prue was alive and they never met Cole. Since they ...
It's then mentioned in "Chris-Crossed" that the Charmed Ones killed over a ... point in their possibly dystopian future ruled by Wyatt the dictator?

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