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Sputnik (rocket) · 1 Specifications · 2 Sputnik 8A91 2.1 Sputnik specifications · 3 References ...

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Sputnik 1 was the first artificial Earth satellite. The Soviet Union launched it into an elliptical low ... On 22 September a modified R-7 rocket, named Sputnik and indexed as 8K71PS, arrived at the proving ground and preparations for the launch ... Before the launch · Launch and mission · Reaction · Legacy
Oct 4, 2020 · 6, 1957. Sputnik 1 was lofted by an R-7 rocket, which consisted of four first-stage boosters — known as Blocks B, V, G ...
May 8, 2019 · Sputnik launch vehicle (8K71/8A91) ... The version of the R-7 rocket that was destined to carry the first satellite into orbit was ... Kerosene T-1.
The orbital apogee declined from 947 km after launch to 600 km by Dec. 9th. The Sputnik 1 rocket booster also reached Earth orbit and was visible from the ground  ...
Oct 4, 2017 · Instead, he was probably looking at the empty shell of an R-7, the massive rocket that delivered Sputnik-1 into orbit. This 30-meter-tall, 280-ton ...
I found a photos, after searching around a bit. I haven't found any video yet. See for more. enter image description here.
Sputnik 1 began the space age when it was orbited by the Soviet Union on 4 October 1957 - but it had ... Von Braun's V-2 rocket team became the spoils of war.
Oct 3, 2017 · The rocket that carried Sputnik 1, on the launch pad in 1957. This is a still taken from an official Soviet film of the launch. Sovfoto / UIG via Getty.
Oct 3, 2007 · Its designers named it "PS-1", from prosteishiy sputnik, Russian for "simple satellite." "It was exceedingly basic," said Martin Collins, curator of ...

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