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Desperate Housewives (season 5) ˇ Contents ˇ Production[edit] ˇ Cast[edit] ˇ Episodes[edit] ˇ Reception[edit] ˇ Ratings[edit] ˇ DVD release[edit] ˇ References[ edit]. Production ˇ Cast ˇ Episodes ˇ Ratings
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Cast & Crew ˇ Marcia Cross ˇ Doug Savant ˇ James Denton ˇ Kyle MacLachlan ˇ Ricardo Antonio Chavira ˇ Kendall Applegate ˇ Felicity Huffman ˇ Brenda Strong.
Susan flirts with her painter; Bree denies all help from business partner Katherine ; Lynette tries to get Tom to see the light with their trouble-making twins; Edie ...

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Rating (554)
Did You Know? Trivia. In the opening of season 5 we see Orson (Kyle Maclachlan) sing a Doors song whilst participating in karaoke at Scavos' pizzeria.
Desperate Housewives Cast ... Karl Mayer (season 2, recurring otherwise). Alfre Woodard. Betty Applewhite (season ... Dave Williams (season 5). Maiara Walsh.
This article contains episode summaries for the fifth season of Desperate Housewives. 1 Season...
Sep 25, 2008 ˇ The magic number for "Desperate Housewives" devotees is five. Executive producer Marc Cherry kicks off season No. 5 on Sunday with the worst-kept surprise twist in the history of prime-time television: a five-year ... Another new cast member, Gail O'Grady, will serve up trouble on Wisteria Lane.
Sep 25, 2008 ˇ Desperate Housewives - Fifth Season Premiere Starring: Teri Hatcher, Felicity Huffman, Marcia Cross, Eva Longoria Parker, Nicollette ...
May 13, 2012 ˇ Desperate Housewives ABC. When Season 5 aired on September 28, 2008, the show jumped forward five years. Bree had become a ...
Nov 6, 2019 ˇ 5 Reasons Desperate Housewives Has Aged Poorly (& 5 Reasons It's Timeless) ... Desperate Housewives first aired back in 2004 and went on to air for eight seasons until its series finale in 2012. ... 10 Timeless: A predominantly female main cast ... RELATED: Desperate Housewives: Every Season Ranked.

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