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How To Say Cinq A Sept - YouTube

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How to say cinq a sept in English? Pronunciation of cinq a sept with 1 audio pronunciation, 5 translations and more for cinq a sept.
How to pronounce cinq a sept. cinq a sept pronunciation and definition. How to say cinq a sept? See our English and American Spelling Dictionary.
How do you say Cinq a sept? Listen to the audio pronunciation of Cinq a sept on pronouncekiwi.
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How do you say cinq a sept in English? Learn audio pronunciation of cinq a sept at
Pronunciation, [leu seh(n) kah set] ... But the more traditional French after work pasttime is le cinq à sept: a two-hour window, from 5pm to 7pm, during which ...
The key to the pronunciation of French numbers is to master the lowest ... which is when they start building by putting together 10 (dix) and 7 (sept). ... Once you arrive at twenty, it becomes a matter of adding the number to the prefix-as in English. In addition to un, cinq, and vingt, all of the -ante endings are nasal sounds.
Sep 15, 2009 · This is a post for all of you who are just beginning French. We've included both written pronunciations as well as a video with spoken pronunciation. ... 97, quatre -vingt-dix-sept, [kat-ra-van- dee-set] ... And remember, the final consonants in cinq, six, huit, and dix are pronounced at the end of a sentence or in ...

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