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No, as part of the fear factor of the SA-X is how sparingly they actually appear on ... I think they should add a lot more scripted SA-X events, but ...
Jul 9, 2011 · Once you figure out that the SA-X encounters are scripted, it loses all the tension. ... The reason FEAR and all games like it fail is because while you're ... the game which added loads of them and they just lost there fear factor.
Give more of a fear factor especially if you were stuck in a weakened state for the whole ... given just how much stronger the SA-X is than Samus for almost the entire ... than scary and decided instead to restrict the SA-X to scripted sequences.
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Nov 22, 2010 · I think it's lack of presence is just as potent for creating fear as seeing the ... its appearances non-scripted would really amp up the scary factor.
Its true, hes completely lacking as far as the fear factor goes. ... It isn't a scripted event or part of the story. ... The SA-X thing is sorta appealing.
Aug 24, 2016 · Mother Brain and Ridley are killed, but the Federation is unable to secure Zebes due to the urtraghians, ... It was just a tad less scripted. ... Well, the fear factor of SA-X is greatly reduced by her having the brains of a fence post.
Aug 25, 2010 · For the most part, any time the SA-X appears is a bad thing. ... The game does a very good job of making the player fear the SA-X, and ... the time, and was standing square in the middle of where the van was scripted to land. ... The crucial factor is this: a Blu-Ray holds 50GB of data while a DVD holds 9GB.
What interests me about Fusion is that the game is more linear and story driven ... There is not as much freedom as something like prime or super metroid. ... done nightmare fuel as a result (You either shat yourself with fear at the emergency in sector 3 or you're lying). ... The plot, the soundtrack, the creepy SA-X behind you.
There are two ways to accomplish this: One is the Cutscene Boss, where the player ... Done well, this defeat will strike fear into the heart of the player, having learned ... may remember this outcome anyway, possibly as a factor for its Best Ending. ... with SA-X prior to the fight in the research station is a Hopeless Boss Fight, ...
Jul 8, 2018 · This is the Presentation Page for Paperback's Fantendo Fanon Feature ... a factor the Federation had not realized was Samus in fact had four DNA ... their intelligence and took on forms meant to invoke fear in the Federation as they ... that SA-X resides, while the first phase of any SA-X is relatively the same ...