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Apr 18, 2002 The only thing i can see that i dont like about them is the jewel case they come ... cassettes, 'cause they sound good, are cheap & easy to find. Going several years back, I've used TDK SA and SA-X tape, as well as ... at rock bottom prices, mostly 20-30% of retail, & sometimes less. ... Or where I can get info?
Where's that munching-popcorn smiley when you need one . ... When I can find them at a reasonable price I buy TDK SA and SA-X cassettes. ... Of the used cassettes - only 30 percent is TDK but all the TDK tapes are my preferred SA and SA-X ... Them TDK tapes from the eighties will rock your socks off.
That said, I have one TDK SA-X which my wife used in her car in Arkansas of all places in the early to mid 1990s. ... Nevertheless their bullshit still permeates 30 years on. ... I can't help but think the temperature & humidity of where they were most of their lives plays a ... I'll check some of the others again and post what I find.
21 through nor steal : for " where your treasure thought can add one cubit unto ... But if thine eye be *evil, thy whole I say unto you, That even * Solomon in all body ... how Wherefore, if God so clothe * the grass of the 30 24 great is <*that darkness! ... *seek, unto them, I never knew you: depart "from and ye shall find; * knock,...
Ahem.... yes, I think I was ^_^ I can remember what Maxell's were like now. ... I was fond of the Fuji slimcases for a while, where the cassette actually went in ... TDK SA-X 90s (oe 100s I liked prog back then and there were lots of 50 minute LPs). ... I'm trying to find more Metal tapes but there impossible to source, even so ...
I ners, I would make the rememhrance_ oil 'them to cease from. among men : . ... 30 How should one chase a-thousand, and blood, and my sword shall devour flesh ; and ... RIQHIHSC them, when od made usc of them as the rod ofliis anger, sa. x. ... 37- 'l"lim_e whotrnsrto an rock but God, will find it and in the day of Ilii ir ...
Which company ran a series of TV ad's where they provided humorously ... And, yeah, I generally use 60 minute XLIIs, or whatever I can find at CVS failing that. ... Truckdrivin' Buddha (Rock Hardy), Thursday, 11 August 2005 01:16 (fourteen ... TDK SA-X 100's or Maxell XL II S. Both seemed ridiculously expensive to me in...
Mar 11, 2009 10:30 p.m. Wednesday, March 18, Maggie Mae's, 323 E. Sixth St. ... And, he adds , “I don't want to say I was at my peak back when I lived in ... an on-point combo that can swap jazz for funk in a measure's notice, and ... He wanted to do a little traditional kind of stuff, something new, and keep it rock 'n' roll.
I find that it will '. to try to get Brussels sprouts ". the sun destroys them. e the seed ... You can do this easily, safely and at small expense with Duo-Glazed Sash. ... experiment I have found that this gives better results the next *son than where the ... W Clover, Timothy • P. R D AY PURE FIELD SEEDS Alsike, Alfalfa SA X ON V...
So, now, I can't target something above my direct line-of-sight without first stopping ... And it only took me 2 tries to beat the rock-biter. ... Posted: Wed Dec 03, 2003 1:30 pm ... Um, where can I go to get the metriod 1.5 hour video? ... I find the Dual Shock's myriad identically-shaped buttons far too confusing.
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