The Jamie Kennedy Experiment


Episode 2

The Jamie Kennedy Experiment: Season 2, Episode 2
Jamie recreates Lou, the kooky driving instructor, as a paper route supervisor with an unconventional way of delivering the news.
Air date: September 26, 2002
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comedy. It's `Candid Camera' for the young crowd as Kennedy targets victims via pranks and practical jokes. ... Season 2, Episode 2 Jamie Kennedy Experiment.
loading. Contains segments "Express Line - Freshness", "Meet Mrs. Marino", " You Be The Judge:Mark 1-Flower Stomp". Episode #2.16. S2, Ep16. 27 Feb. 2003.
With Jamie Kennedy, Jamie Blythe, Ivar Brogger, Thomas Byrne. Contains ... The Jamie Kennedy Experiment (2002–2007). Rate This ... Season 2 | Episode 23.
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Sep 26, 2002 · The Jamie Kennedy Experiment / S02E02. Season 2, Episode 2 | Aired on September 26 ...Duration: 40:00 Posted: Sep 26, 2002
The Jamie Kennedy Experiment season 1 episode 2. Sexy Audition, Hit It or Quit It, The Viewing. As a flamboyant casting director, Jamie auditions an actor ...
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The Jamie Kennedy Experiment is a half-hour-long American hidden camera/ practical joke reality television series that debuted in 2002 and was broadcast on The WB. ... 2 Syndication; 3 Home media; 4 External links ... on judge shows, a mark was picked to be the judge for an episode, and had to preside over a case with ...