Ink Master


There Can Only Be One

Ink Master: Season 13, Episode 13
The artists fight for survival in an "Ink Master" staple: portraits; a shocking skull pick threatens the team dynamic; one artist shows precisely who they're looking out for.
Air date: March 31, 2020
Next episode: Compose Yourself

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Mar 31, 2020 · Ink Master. There Can Only Be One. Season 13 E 13 • 03/31/2020. Working solo to test their ...Duration: 41:30 Posted: Mar 31, 2020
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Jun 4, 2020 · Ink Master - S13E13 - There Can Only Be One. Hart to Hart. Follow. 3 months ago |1K views ...Duration: 43:50 Posted: Jun 4, 2020
Ink Master: Turf War is the thirteenth season of the tattoo reality competition Ink Master that premiered on Paramount Network on January 7 and ended on April ... Judging and ranking · Contestants · Regions No. of episodes: 15 No. of contestants: 20 Judges: Chris Núñez; Oliver Peck Original release: January 7 –; April 14, 2020
Apr 15, 2020 · Paramount Network canceled the "Ink Master: Turf War" finale, featuring Bob Jones, Angel Rose and Jimmy Snaz, due to the coronavirus ...
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Apr 15, 2020 · With the cancellation of the Ink Master finale due to COVID-19, join us as finalists Jimmy Snaz ...Duration: 30:10 Posted: Apr 15, 2020
Apr 19, 2020 · 'Ink Master' Season 13 did not crown a winner due to the coronavirus pandemic. ... In Episode 15, the remaining five contestants competed ...
Apr 1, 2020 · It was only a matter of time before someone on Ink Master season 13 decided to really throw down the gauntlet on their own team.
Apr 16, 2020 · After Tuesday's episode, it was announced that Angel Rose, Jimmy Snaz and Bob Jones would have been the three artists attending the finale.
Mar 25, 2020 · 'Ink Master' season 13 episode 13 or 'Ink Master: Turf War' episode 13 will premiere on Tuesday, March 31, 2020, on Paramount Network at 10 ...
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