Tony Hawk; Darlene Westgor

Hi-Jinks: Season 2, Episode 6
Extreme sports star Tony Hawk test drives a World War II tank; broken vase; a scarecrow comes to life; Darlene Westgor goes on a joy ride with a runaway hot dog cart.
Show: Hi-Jinks
Air date: April 4, 2006
Previous episode: Evander Holyfield
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Season 2, Episode 6 Tony Hawk. First Aired: April 4, 2006. Tony Hawk surprises kids, including his own, by taking a World War II vintage tank on a joy ride.
Living painting, elephant delivery, leaky ceiling. Tichina Arnold. S2, Ep3 ... Poker face, reanimated mummy, falling man, farting dog. Bo Bice/Dave Coulier. S2, Ep6 ... This special episode of Hi-Jinks is hosted by Leila Sbitani while roaming a ...
Season 2 | Episode 6. Previous · All Episodes (20) · Next · Bo Bice/Dave Coulier Poster. Kids go "head-to-head" Cody, the world's smartest chimp.
Apr 4, 2006 · Discuss Hi-Jinks - Season 2, Episode 6 - Tony Hawk / Darlene Westgor: His kids (and fans) are dumbstruck when skateboarding legend Tony ...
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Get in on the joke with Hi-Jinks, Nick@Nite's hidden camera show where parents play good-natured pranks on kids. ... Episode 1. SD $1.99. Buy Season 1. SD $5.99 ... 2. Episode #1.2: Susan Sarandon. August 23, 2005. 21min. TV-G. Subtitles ... 6. Episode #1.6: Gilbert Gottfried. September 6, 2005. 21min. TV-G. Subtitles.
Hijinks. Series 2 · Episode 6. Cortney shows Jason where she grew up in North Carolina in hopes he ll want to move there someday. Neph tries to help Jasmine  ...
Jun 29, 2006 · The second season of Hi-Jinks brings you more pranks…more celebrity pranksters…and more sweet revenge for parents! Experience further ...
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Sep 6, 2020 · In some respects, Butcher and company's high sea hijinks encapsulate the most striking contrast found within the first three episodes: the ...