Dress Mess

Shannen Says: Episode 6
Shannen's night out on the town; wedding dress dilemma; David Tutera steps in to help.
Air date: May 6, 2012
Previous episode: A Wedding in Prague- Ress
Next episode: The Wedding Gift

With Sophia Banks, Laurie Boloven, Roger Castillo, Shannen Doherty. Back from Prague, Shannen rushes to find vendors for her wedding. Shannen's wedding ...
–<a href=" mess"> Read Episode Description: <em>Dress Mess</em></a>. 2 of 12 ...
May 6, 2012 · Watch Shannen Says: Dress Mess from Season 1 at ... Following Shannen Doherty as she prepares for her wedding to ...
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May 6, 2012 · Watch Shannen Says Season 1 Episode 6 - Dress Mess. Back from Prague, Shannen is ...Posted: May 6, 2012
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Apr 30, 2012 · Kurt returns home to find Shannen stressed from a little dress mess.Duration: 2:47 Posted: Apr 30, 2012
Off The Fence 2014. 1. Shannen Says ... When Rosa offers up her own wedding dress, Shannen decides she will alter it, and ... Dress Mess. Shannen makes a ...
Show Guide for Shannen Says. ... Shannen Doherty takes viewers on the hilariously bumpy ride of planning her wedding. ... 1x06: Dress Mess, May 6, 2012 ...