Mind Games

R · 1996
6/10 · IMDb
The dean forces a professor (Brian Krause) to resign after the latter's girlfriend (Soleil Moon Frye) and another student (Maria Ford) commit suicide.
Initial release: 1996
Director: Kevin Alber
Mind Game is a 2004 Japanese animated feature film based on Robin Nishi's manga of the same name. It was planned, produced and primarily animated by ... Plot · Cast · Reception Japanese: マインド・ゲーム Production company: Studio 4°C Release date: August 7, 2004 Music by: Seiichi Yamamoto
Rating (157)
The plot to this film is the generic "family in peril" type of movie that was all the rage back in the day. An unhappily married couple and their 10 year old son go on ...
Rating (172)
Mind Games Poster ... Emerging film writer David Lasdon infuses this comedy of scoundrels with the kind of fresh angles and clever dialogue that make it a ...
Rating (115)
Directed by Jan Egleson. With Jayne Brook, Kyle Secor, Lindsay Frost, William Greenblatt. Thriller focusing on the malevolent relationship between a psycho ...
That is where the film stops being a 'mind game'. The editing could have been a lot crisper. As far as the performance goes, most actors play their role really well,  ...
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Mind-game films and other complex narratives have been a prominent phenomenon of the cinematic landscape during the period 1990-2010, when films like ...
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... Holden seemingly starts to lose her mind once again, after a female private eye warns her that new husband Paul Johansson isn't the man he appears to be.