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: boisterous or rambunctious carryings-on : carefree antics or horseplay.
Hi-Jinks is a hidden camera show that premiered on Nick at Nite in 2005. The show is hosted by Leila Sbitani. The show gives parents a chance to play practical ... No. of episodes: 18 No. of seasons: 2
noisy and rowdy activity, usually involving mischievous pranks. where you there last night? hi-jinks were off the hook!! by bot tech September 17, 2005.
What does hijinks mean? Hijinks means playful, mischievous, or rowdy activity. It is also spelled high jinks. Both spellings ...
n noisy and mischievous merrymaking. Synonyms: high jinks, high jinx, jinks Type of: conviviality, jollification, merrymaking. a boisterous celebration; a merry festivity.
You can also spell it hijinks — in either case, it's a nineteenth century word meaning "drinking games." The verb jink is probably a root of high jinks, and it's a  ...
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With Priscilla Star Diaz, David Storrs, Chris Andrew Ciulla, Paige Cooper. The second season of HiJinks brings you more pranks...more celebrity ...
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Get in on the joke with Hi-Jinks, Nick@Nite's hidden camera show where parents play good-natured pranks on kids.
Hijinks or high jinks. High jinks is a plural noun referring to loud chaotic play, specifically characterized by its high energy and wildness. It can also be spelled  ...
6 days ago · high jinks meaning: 1. energetic and excited behaviour in which people do funny ... Meaning of high jinks in English ... informal (US also hijinks).

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