Scare Tactics Season 1 Episodes
S01 E23 · Scare Tactics Scare-Tacular!
Oct 31, 2003
S01 E22 · Home Invasion, Demonic Possession, Fatal Beauty, The Hunted
Oct 10, 2003
S01 E21 · Lethal Touch, Showgirl's Revenge, Terror Next Door, Bigfoot Returns
Oct 3, 2003
S01 E20 · Massacre Under the House, Unholy Ground, Video Victim, Mask of Death
Sep 26, 2003
S01 E19 · Bad Medicine, Killer Queen, Dead Alive, Alien Hunters
Sep 19, 2003
S01 E18 · Security Breach, Taste for Blood, Zombie Grandma, Killer Car
Sep 12, 2003
S01 E17 · Dangerous Obsession, Web of Evil, Laboratory of Blood, Repo from Hell
Sep 5, 2003
S01 E16 · Chainsaw Attack, Beastly Breakout, Deadly Hicks, Alien Returns
Aug 22, 2003
S01 E15 · Killer Clown, Lethal Conversation, Caught on Camera, Demonic Duel
Aug 15, 2003
S01 E14 · Deadly Feast, Fear in the Box, Fear Antics: Psycho, Maniac Cop
Aug 8, 2003
S01 E13 · Laboratory Meltdown, Eye Witness, Unborn Clones, Silo Scare
Aug 1, 2003
S01 E12 · Hazmat Hell, Surgery Nightmare, Death Lunch, Bad Seed
Jul 25, 2003
S01 E11 · Chupacabra Attack, Deadly Secret, Lights Out, Black Magic
Jul 18, 2003
S01 E10 · Harsh Reality, Dr. Werewolf, Boy in a Bubble, Virgin Sacrifice
Jul 11, 2003
S01 E09 · UFO Trailer Attack, The Cannibal Family, Séance from Hell, Driving the Dead
Jun 27, 2003
S01 E08 · Ghost Train, Body in Trunk, Dominatrix for a Day, Desert Monster
Jun 20, 2003
S01 E07 · Tanning Salon Terror, Cable Killers, Little Girl Psychic, Runaway Corpse
May 9, 2003
S01 E06 · Lab Spill, Haunted Babysitter, Serial Killer, Hellride
May 2, 2003
S01 E05 · Meteor Man, Barbershop of Blood, Date with the Devil, Taxi Cab Carnage
Apr 25, 2003
S01 E04 · Clone Attack, Repo Man, Orgy from Hell, Monkey Trouble
Apr 18, 2003
S01 E03 · Limo in Area 51
Apr 11, 2003
S01 E02 · Bigfoot Attacks
Apr 4, 2003
S01 E01 · UFO Abduction, Firing Range, Buried Alive, Camp Killer
Apr 4, 2003
Scare Tactics
2003 ‧ Comedy ‧ 5 seasons
6.7/10 · IMDb
With friends like these ... well, you know the rest. Set up by their "loved ones," hapless victims are thrust into elaborately staged situations that exploit their wildest fears, intensified by movie-quality special effects, makeup and stunts....
First episode date: April 4, 2003
Final episode date: October 28, 2013
Networks: Syfy and Chiller
Program creators: Scott Hallock and Kevin Healey

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... 206: Toilet Full of Scary, Desert Cult Trailer Attack, Wrath of the ... 214: For Whom the Bridge Trolls, Party Forever (Parts 1 & 2), ... Format · List of Scare Tactics ... No. of seasons: 5 No. of episodes: 114 Original release: April 2003 –; October 28, 2013 Production company(s): Hallock Healey Entertainment; Blumhouse Television
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Like many reality shows, Scare Tactics tries to transform pain and discomfort into entertainment for viewers; whether you find it entertaining or not, chances are ...
In the series premiere, host Shannen Doherty introduces four elaborate, fear- inducing pranks. Included: an alien attacks a couple; an experimental weapon goes ...
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