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Scare Tactics (2003– ). 9.4/10. 29. Rate This. Alien Attack. TV-14 | Comedy, Horror, Reality-TV | Episode aired 5 March 2003 ˇ Previous ˇ All Episodes (151).
An alien is accidentally released. Watch Blown to Green Peaces. Episode 3 of Season 5. Blown to Green Peaces. 22m.
Video for scare tactics alien in barn
Nov 19, 2009 ˇ UFO Abduction | Aliens | Scare Tactics. 2,829,881 views2.8M views. • Nov 19, 2009.Duration: 4:25 Posted: Nov 19, 2009
Video for scare tactics alien in barn
Nov 5, 2010 ˇ Don't miss out on the shriek fest in the all-new Scare Tactics episode. A girl consults with a ...Duration: 2:01 Posted: Nov 5, 2010
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Video for scare tactics alien in barn
Nov 9, 2009 ˇ Rat Monster | Monsters | Scare Tactics. Scare Tactics ˇ 4:25 ˇ UFO Abduction | Aliens ...Duration: 4:46 Posted: Nov 9, 2009
Scare Tactics combines pranks and frights in each horrifying hidden camera episode. The best episodes of Scare Tactics often feature ghostly encounters while .

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Scare Tactics is an American comedy horror hidden camera television show, produced by Scott ... 101: UFO Abduction, Firing Range, Buried Alive, Camp Killer; 102: Bigfoot Attacks, Where's Shannen?, Flatline, Psycho Hitchhiker; 103: Organ ...
In the series premiere, host Shannen Doherty introduces four elaborate, fear- inducing pranks. Included: an alien attacks a couple; an experimental weapon goes ...

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