informal. If you say that someone is off their rocker, you mean that that person is behaving in a very strange or silly way. SMART Vocabulary: related words and phrases. Of unsound mind.
Apr 28, 2021

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If someone is off their rocker, they are crazy. He must be off his rocker, paying that much for a shirt! Note: You can also say that someone goes off their rocker to ...
It means acting nuts. To be a crazy person. Matt: Oh, I can't believe you just jumped off that 80 feet building! You must be off your rocker!
Off Your Rocker Meaning. Definition: Crazy. A similar expression is off one's head . Lesser known examples include off one's noodle, off one's trolley, and off ... Origin of Off Your Rocker · Examples of Off Your ...
The expression "off his rocker" is used to mean someone is mad (as in, bonkers mad, not angry mad). Does anyone know what a rocker is, and how being off one  ...
To be unstable, insane, mad or strange. Origin. In the good old days, North American farm workers would relax sitting on a rocking chair (or rocker) ...
English meaning of "off their rockers" (expr.) crazy; insane; not in touch with reality.
Usage notesEdit. A group is commonly qualified with a singular ("they're off their rocker") but sometimes also a plural ("they're off their rockers").
Jun 22, 2005 · Can anyone tell me the origin of thr expression "off of your rocker". ... 'off the rocker' on one's rocking chair (whatever that might mean – it's hard to visualize). ... referred to trolley cars being 'off their trolleys' or 'off their rockers'.
adjective. crazy, out of control. He's really off his rocker! See more words with the same meaning: crazy, insane, weird, strange. Last edited on Dec 14 1997. Off the deep end: Definitions include: crazy, irrational, carried away Out of (one's) mind: Definitions include: crazy Craziness: Definitions include: stupid; extremely crazy Out there: Definitions include: unusual