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the duration of a person's life.
"a reward for a lifetime's work"
synonyms: lifespan, life, days, duration of life, allotted span, course of life, time on earth, existence, one's time, one's career, one's threescore years and ten, this mortal coil, one's born days

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Lifetime definition is - the duration of the existence of a living being (such as a person or an animal) or a thing (such as a star or a subatomic particle). How to use ...
noun. the time that the life of someone or something continues; the term of a life: peace within our lifetime. Physics. mean life.
lifetime definition: 1. the period of time that someone lives, or that something lasts , functions, or is in effect 2. a very long time: made to last a lifetime lasting for ...
Lifetime definition: A lifetime is the length of time that someone is alive. | Meaning , pronunciation, translations and examples.
Define lifetime. lifetime synonyms, lifetime pronunciation, lifetime translation, English dictionary definition of lifetime. n. 1. The period of time during which an ...
Definition of LIFETIME (noun): period of time when someone is alive; length of time something exists or works.
A lifetime is the entire length of time a person or other living thing is alive. After a famous actor dies, she may be fondly remembered for a lifetime of great movie ...
What is the definition of lifetime? What is the meaning of lifetime? How do you use lifetime in a sentence? What are synonyms for lifetime?
Is lifetime one word or two? Learn the difference between life time and lifetime with definitions and sentence examples at Writing Explained. Lifetime in a ...

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