Cane and Able
House: Season 3, Episode 2
House and the team treat a young boy who believes he's been the subject of alien experimentation, and Cameron is outraged to learn that Cuddy and Wilson have been lying to House about the outcome of his last case.
Show: House
Air date: September 12, 2006
Previous episode: Meaning
Next episode: Informed Consent
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House is affected by the fact that he thinks he didn't solve the last case while a young boy, who believes aliens tortured him, is brought ... Season 3 | Episode 2. Full Cast & Crew · Dr. Gregory House · Soundtracks · Dr. Lisa Cuddy
Main article: List of House episodes ... 48, 2, "Cane and Able", Daniel Sackheim, Story by : Russel Friend & Garrett Lerner & Lawrence ... Cast and characters · Guest cast · Reception No. of episodes: 24 Original release: September 5, 2006 –; May 29, 2007 Original network: Fox
In an effort to teach House (Hugh Laurie) some humility, Cuddy (Lise Edelstein) and Wilson (Robert Sean Leonard) neglect to tell him that he has correctly ... 20%: Outmatched
Cane& Able is a 3rd season episode of House and the second episode of the ... realizes he has a pulmonary edema and is in a stage 2 hypertensive crisis.
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Jan 25, 2020 · House Md S2 E22 - Forever. TanyaQuind1631 · video thumbnail. 48:28. House MD Season 3 ...Duration: 46:56 Posted: Jan 25, 2020
Watch full episode. Back at work after recovering from multiple gunshot wounds, House takes on two cases simultaneously, one of which he pushes to the edge ...
Chase reassures the patient that PPTH is an alien-free zone. Season 3 Episode 2 - Cane and Able. Patient: Clancy, 7-year-old with an alien abduction ...
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In the season 2 finale, House suffered multiple gunshot wounds inflicted by a former patient's husband determined to ... Buy Episode 1. HD $2.99. Buy Season 3

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Sep 12, 2006 · Cameron is outraged when she learns Cuddy and Wilson have been lying to House about the ...Posted: Sep 12, 2006
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Oct 27, 2017 · Bloopers reel from season 3 of House M.D. Watch House on Google Play: http:// ...Duration: 5:52 Posted: Oct 27, 2017