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Synonyms for hijinks: buffoonery, conviviality, horseplay, jollification, merrymaking, rowdiness, Buffooneries, roughhousing, fun and games, fooling around, ...
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Hijinks synonyms and Hijinks antonyms. Top synonym for hijinks (another word for hijinks) is antics.
n noisy and mischievous merrymaking Synonyms: high jinks, high jinx, jinks Type of: conviviality, jollification, merrymaking. a boisterous celebration; a merry festivity.
More 80 Hijinks synonyms. What are another words for Hijinks? High jinks, jinks, tomfoolery. Full list of synonyms for Hijinks is here.
Hijinks definition, boisterous celebration or merrymaking; unrestrained fun: The city is full of ... SEE SYNONYMS FOR high jinks ON THESAURUS.COM ... is the web's best resource for English synonyms, antonyms, and ... 1. hijinks. noun. (ˈhɪdʒɪŋks) Noisy and mischievous merrymaking.