Hyde School Reunion
Charmed: Season 6, Episode 17
Phoebe attends her high school reunion and magically reverts back to her rebellious teenage self, while Piper enlists the help of her father to work out why Chris is avoiding her.
Show: Charmed
Air date: March 14, 2004
Next episode: Spin City
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Rating (408)
Season 6 | Episode 17. Previous ˇ All Episodes (179) ˇ Next ˇ Hyde School Reunion Poster. Phoebe accidentally casts a spell that reverts all of their former high ...
Rating (435)
Season 6 | Episode 18. Previous ˇ All Episodes (179) ˇ Next ˇ Spin City Poster. Spider Demons kidnap Piper, infect Chris and cause him to mutate into a spider.
Episode Info. As the result of a misbegotten spell cast at her high-school reunion, the "present" Phoebe (Alyssa Milano) disappears, replaced by her former ...
The Charmed Ones disguise themselves as Valkyries and infiltrate ... Piper learns at the end of the episode that Chris is her son and that she ... 128, 17, " Hyde School Reunion", Jonathan West, David Simkins, March ... Cast and Characters ˇ Guest
Season 6, Episode 17 ... made from links on this page. Hyde School Reunion is the 17th episode of the sixth season and the 128th overall episode of Charmed.
The sixth season of Charmed began airing on September 28, 2003 on The ... Airing on Sundays at 8 P.M., the season consisted of 23 episodes and ... Charmed: The Complete Sixth Season was released in a six-disc box set on October 17, ...

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Metacritic TV Episode Reviews, Hyde School Reunion, Phoebe accidentally casts a spell on ...
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Watch Charmed Season 6 Episode 17 - Spin City. Piper is kidnapped and cocooned by the Spider Demon, a creature that emerges every hundred years to feed ...
Watch Charmed season 6 episode 17 online. The complete guide by MSN. Click here and start watching the full episode in seconds.
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