Jun 26, 2019 ˇ Raven's profile is set to private. Hopefully, her royal duties as catfish queen have come to an end.
Jun 26, 2019 ˇ Oceanna, a 21-year-old from North Carolina, had met a girl named Nelly on Instagram just six months ago, and a romance quickly blossomed. Person: Nev Schulman
May 18, 2018 ˇ Tweets came in from former classmates after Schulman posted a selfie of himself in an elevator to comment on former Baltimore Ravens running ...

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Aug 5, 2019 ˇ Nev and Slick Woods reveal the truth to Oceanna. Watch new episodes of Catfish : The TV Show ...Duration: 5:43 Posted: Aug 5, 2019
Eventually, Raven apologized, yet two months later, Oceanna announced in a catch-up chat with Nev that Raven had contacted her and proclaimed herself the “ ...
Jun 27, 2019 ˇ Oceanna had high hopes for meeting her online love...and in the end it turned out to be just her secrete admirer 🤦
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Jun 26, 2019 ˇ Watch Catfish The TV Show S08E03 Oceanna and Nelly June 26,2019 - TVSoapOperas on ...Duration: 40:37 Posted: Jun 26, 2019
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Storyline. Nev and Slick Woods investigate the mystery of Oceanna and her enigmatic, online stalker, Nelly. When Oceanna's ex-girlfriend Kira becomes involved ...
May 17, 2018 ˇ Catfish production is halted while the show's star Nev Schulman is probed over sexual misconduct allegations after 'pushing a lesbian guest to ...
May 17, 2018 ˇ MTV has temporarily halted production of “Catfish: The TV Show” as it investigates allegations of sexual misconduct involving the program's ...

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