There are several species of spider wasps that are known as tarantula hawks. The largest of these—Pepsis grossa—packs a legendarily painful sting. Considered to have the second-most-painful-to-humans sting of any insect, after the bullet ant. The tarantula hawk preys, ironically enough, on tarantulas.

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The scores from the three are rated from 1-10 (10 being worst) and then added together and averaged out. The animal is then ranked among the scale using the  ... Ethmostigmus rubripes · Rove beetle · Tokay gecko · Synoeca No. of episodes: 9 No. of seasons: 1 Original release: November 12, 2019 –; January 14, 2020 Original network: History
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Pain is relative, making it difficult to determine which insect stings hurt the most. Luckily, entomologist Justin Schmidt developed a pain index to do just that. Here  ...
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