Horse Drag; Rat Pit; Slippery-Car Crawl

Fear Factor: Season 1, Episode 1
The contestants must climb on cars suspended 100ft above the Las Vegas strip, be locked in a coffin full of cockroaches, hang by the ankles whilst being dunked in a pool, and wage a $45,000 gamble on blackjack.
Air date: June 11, 2001
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Nov 28, 2015 · I have EVERY SEASON and EPISODE of Fear Factor. Want more episodes of the stomach ...Duration: 43:39 Posted: Nov 28, 2015

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Fear Factor was an American stunt/dare game show that first aired on NBC from 2001 to 2006 ... Later that year, Fear Factor faced tough competition with the TV ratings champion ... The first season of MTV's Fear Factor premiered on May 30, 2017 and ... 2012, but it was postponed after Part 1 was replaced by a GOP debate. Category:Fear Factor · Fear Factor Live · Franchise · Unleashed No. of seasons: Original series: 6; Revived series: 1; MTV series: 2 No. of episodes: Original series: 144; Revived series: 9; MTV series: 33 Original network: NBC (2001–06; 2011–12); MTV (2017–18) Presented by: Joe Rogan (NBC); Ludacris (MTV)
Rating (93)
Episodes (13) · 1. Ice is Thicker than Water May 29, 2017 41min · 2. Party Games June 5, 2017 41min · 3. Once Bitten, Twice Trapped June 12, 2017 41min · 4.
Start your free trial to watch Fear Factor and other popular TV shows and ... 7 seasons available ... 1. A special two-hour Fear Factor has a special prize of $100,000 at stake. Episode 7 ... Leeches, Shaved Heads and Tear Gas, Oh My, Part 1.
Season 1 Episode Guide · Ice Is Thicker Than Water · Party Games · Once Bitten, Twice Trapped · Computer Bugs · Love Is in the Air · The Struggle Is Real · Daters in ...
A critic-proof reality show in which contestants perform extreme (and not infrequently gross) tests---from getting into a pit filled with scorpions or rats to walking ...
In the premiere, Ludacris challenges teams of siblings to conquer their fears of cockroaches in Roachella and to take a trip to the morgue. But they must survive  ... Air Date: May 30, 2017
Video for Fear Factor season 1 episode 1
Jan 30, 2017 · I have EVERY SEASON and EPISODE of Fear Factor. Want more episodes of the stomach ...Duration: 43:39 Posted: Jan 30, 2017
Fear Factor – Season 1, Episode 1. Saturday 6 Feb. 16L Ludacris challenges teams of roommates to get covered in Amazon creatures and conquer a mental ...

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