Fear Factor


Fear Factor

2001 ‧ Game Show ‧ 7 seasons
5.7/10 · IMDb 7.5/10 ·
A group of contestants are challenged to perform a number of terrifying and/or disgusting stunts, from driving a dangerous course to eating something really nasty. If a contestant refuses a challenge, fails in a challenge, or has the worst...
First episode date: June 11, 2001
Final episode date: August 21, 2018
Presented by: Joe Rogan (NBC), Ludacris (MTV), and Ludacris
Networks: MTV Lebanon and NBC

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On "go" the helicopter will fly towards a drop zone where the seated contestant will release their twin to the water. Working as a team, couples will tear chunks of  ...
Reality Stars Fear Factor: A three-episode series in which five teams of Reality TV stars competed in six stunts for various cash and prizes, including a grand prize ... History · Original format (2001–06) · Revived series (2011–12) · Syndication No. of seasons: Original series: 6; Revived series: 1; MTV series: 2 No. of episodes: Original series: 144; Revived series: 9; MTV series: 33 Picture format: 480i SDTV (2001–06); 1080i HDTV (2011–12; 2017–18) Theme music composer: Russ Landau
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Fear Factor forces contestants to face their worst fears in the quest for cold, hard ... on NBC from 2001 to 2006, then returned with new episodes and even bigger  ...
This episode featured six celebrity contestants competing for charity. ... Stunt #2: Eat Brains Contestants would have to play a Fear Factor Poker game to ...
Nov 7, 2020 · Fear Factor was an adaptation of a similar Dutch show called Now or Neverland. The show aired on NBC from 2001 and was hosted by UFC ...
The BEST Episodes of Fear Factor · Every episode ever - ranked by fan votes! · # 1 - Bobbing in Blood; Tomato Hornworms; Skunk Tunnel (Gross-Out Edition) · #2 - ...
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