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scare tac·tic

/ske(ə)r ˈtaktik/
a strategy intended to manipulate public opinion about a particular issue by arousing fear or alarm.
"we need facts, not scare tactics and false information"

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What is a scare tactic?
Scare tactics or fear appeals are intended to scare people into engaging in a desired health behavior. (e.g., quit smoking, avoid drugs, stop speeding, exercise more). They often use shocking or graphic images and statistics to scare people.
What is scare tactics fallacy?
argumentum in terrorem. (also known as: argumentum ad metum, argument from adverse consequences, scare tactics) Description: When fear, not based on evidence or reason, is being used as the primary motivator to get others to accept an idea, proposition, or conclusion.
Why are scare tactics used?
Scare tactics attempt to use fear to motivate behavior change. They create fear by presenting a behavior, like drug use, that can cause severe physical or emotional injury (overdose, lost relationships), and then they recommend a specific action to prevent the injury (like “don't take drugs”).
What mean tactics?
A tactic is a conceptual action or short series of actions with the aim of achieving of a short-term goal. This action can be implemented as one or more specific tasks. ... The word originated from the Ancient Greek τακτική taktike, meaning art of arrangement.
7 days ago · ways of achieving a particular result by frightening people so much that they do what you want them to do: Some of the companies selling anti-spyware tools employ scare tactics. Want to learn more?
Jul 29, 2020 · scare up something meaning: to find or obtain something that is not easily available: . Learn more.
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Jul 17, 2020 · The definition of coerce means to use force or scare tactics to get someone to do something. 0. 0.
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10 hours ago · Scare someone out of their wits definition: to make someone very frightened or ... all the alarms, which joined with the sound of the gale to scare me out of my wits. ... someone out of their wits; scare someone witless · scare story · scare tactics
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