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someone or something that is unpleasant and boring: Waiting in a doctor's office is such a drag!
3 days ago

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What does you drag mean in slang?
To drag someone is to essentially “drag them through the mud.” When you drag someone, you're putting dirt on their name or their reputation. When dragging someone, the intention is usually to make them feel put down about themselves.
What does life's a drag mean?
Can I have a drag meaning?
0. We don't say doing smoke, it's always just smoking. A drag means a puff ( to inhale a cigarette) other words you might hear are, a toke, a pull.
How do you use drag in a sentence?

Drag sentence example

I won't drag you into it. ...
You can come with me quietly, or I can drag you out of here. ...
I'd only drag you down if I stayed with you. ...
She giggled as he used it to drag her back into his arms. ...
You can come out or I can drag you out.
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4 days ago be a drag on sb/sth meaning: 1. to slow down or limit the development of someone or something: 2. to slow down or limit the…. Learn more.
6 days ago a drag meaning, definition, what is a drag: something or someone that is boring: Learn more. The man drank his coffee and puffed on his cigarette. when something is such a drag.
“This is such a Drag” he says whenever he is about to do something awesome. 2.8K views . View 2 Upvoters. ...

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