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Or, if they marry a reigning king, they could be known as “queen consort.” This is why Queen Elizabeth's mother, also called Elizabeth, became queen when her husband became King George VI. In other words, a king can only be a monarch, while queen can denote monarch or the wife of a monarch.
6 days ago

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Why is Prince Philip not King but Kate will be queen?
Philip likely wasn't king because he would have outranked the Queen with the title. The Queen's title is traditionally considered lower in rank than a king. The title of queen can mean either a female monarch or the wife of the monarch, while a king can only ever describe a reigning monarch, Mental Floss reported.
Are you a queen if you marry a king?
Marrying a royal doesn't exactly make you Queen or King...or even a Princess. If a British queen marries, her husband is known as a king consort, but does not become king. ... When a British king marries, his wife is called queen consort, rather than princess.
Does a king's wife automatically become queen?
A queen consort is a queen because she is the wife of a king. Being the king's wife gives her the right to be queen. Her husband is king in his own right.
When a king marries is his wife the queen?
The spouse of a ruling king or queen is called a consort. In British royalty, the wife of a king is called a queen consort, but the husband of a queen is called a prince consort, not a king consort.
7 days ago · But when Queen Elizabeth took the throne, Philip did not become the King of England, thanks to a longstanding rule in the royal family which decrees that a man ...
6 days ago · Prince Philip was a prince consort. The spouse of a ruling king or queen is called a consort. In British royalty, the wife of a king is called a queen consort, ...
6 days ago · Prince Philip was married to Queen Elizabeth II, but he was not the king and, ... Although he was married to the queen, Prince Philip not only did not have the title of king, his ... Charles, is next in line to sit on the throne and will eventually become king. ... a woman who marries into the monarchy can obtain the title of queen.
7 days ago · It's a ceremony that we're going to see in the upcoming season of The Crown. ... When Prince Philip married then-Princess Elizabeth more than 70 years ago, he was ... became queen consort when her husband, George VI became King. ... that Mrs. Parker Bowles should use the title HRH The Princess Consort when The  ...
7 days ago · So, you might wonder: If Kate is eligible to be Queen, then why was Prince ... Mountbatten married then-Princess Elizabeth in 1947, he did not become Prince.
Restricting myself to England/Great Britain/UK since 1066: William II (r. 1087– 1100) never married. Henry I (r. 1100–1135) married four months after accession.
6 days ago · Here are some of the things you need to know about the British royals. ... (Camilla ) - he is the Queen's eldest child and will become king when she dies; The ... is married to the Duchess of Sussex (Meghan); last year, they said they would step  ...
7 days ago · When Philip married the Queen, he became Prince Philip, not King Philip, as some people may expect. This is because ... Here's everything you need to know:  ...
6 days ago · Philip and Elizabeth married in 1947, when her father was on the throne, and he became His ... Read more: Why does the Queen have two birthdays? ... "I'm putting (in) hours on the court, trying to become consistent (and) get close to the ...