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The SA-X (named by Adam and presumably short for Samus Aran-X) was the main antagonist of Metroid Fusion and the eleventh boss Samus faces on the ...

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Why did SA x save Samus?
Super Star. Why the SA-X seems to assist Samus is unknown, but it is likely that the X saw two threats; one that has only mere strands of Metroid DNA (Samus), and the other being a incredibly powerful Metroid (the Omega Metroid).
How do you beat SA X in Metroid Fusion?
SA-X: The battle with this SA-X is actually quite easy. Just shoot with the charged Wave-beam and runaway until it's gharged again, then turn and shoot. Ice missiles only freeze the SA-X, and only for a second or two. You don't need to use them, but if your having trouble, maybe you should.
Is Samus from Metroid a girl?
Samus Aran In the original Metroid, game materials obscured Samus' gender, or referred to her as male. In Super Metroid, this was also the case, but it was a set-up for the surprise ending of the game, in which Samus is revealed to be female.
Is Dark Samus a boy or a girl?
Dark Samus is genderless. Its just metroid prime in her phazon suit. Well, I'm pretty sure that since Dark Samus is referred to as a "she" in scans and has Samus' DNA that it is a female.
The SA-X is the main antagonist in the video game Metroid Fusion. Throughout the entire game, the SA-X searches for Samus in the Biologic Space Laboratories  ...
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The SA-X, presumably an abbreviation for Samus Aran-X, are a group of X that mimicked Samus Aran. This particular strain of X parasites was created by the ...
Sep 9, 2010 · METROID FUSION: THE SA-X You will encounter the SA-X many times throughout the game. So I thought I should tell you how to dodge and ...
I don't know about you guys, but I loved the SA-X and thought it was an amazing antagonist to Fusion. I recall myself playing the game at a young age and ...
Metroid Fusion with random SA-X encounters. Has anyone ever made a Fusion hack where the SA-X meetings are completely random and not scripted?
Plant Core X · Nightmare X · Security Robot B.O.X. X · Neo Ridley · SA-X · Omega Metroid ...