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Windy injures his own partner. Years after the Lost Incident, he was involved in a reckless driving accident caused by his corrupted Ignis Windy, on ...
In LINK VRAINS, he is known as the bounty hunter The Shepherd (Blood ... Per Akira's order, Shepherd, Yoroizaka and Kenomchi were sent to Windy's temple, ...
Sep 26, 2018 ˇ Also this episode narrows us down to Lightning as Jin's Ignis, what with Windy's base being dead and all, and Aqua's most likely being a girl. fanfic writers rush ...
The Shepherd, Shepherd (ブラッドシェパード Buraddo Shepādo, Blood Shepherd) ... creating a trap within LINK VRAINS from the program of the gate to Windy's ... Design ˇ Abilities ˇ Biography ˇ Lost Ignis
Sep 26, 2018 ˇ And then in the latest episode, we have Windy claiming that he killed his ... It would explain Blood Shepherd's hatred of AIs on a plot important ...
Sep 21, 2018 ˇ So Windy made his partner crash. It is obvious that its Blood Shepherd. And Jin being Lightning's partner. Another Playmaker vs Bohman?
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Jun 19, 2019 ˇ Like and Subscribe 🤗 Song: Hollow Point Heroes- Calm Before The Storm Copyright Disclaimer ...Duration: 4:59 Posted: Jun 19, 2019
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May 30, 2018 ˇ The reason why he hates all AI is because of Taxi AI who mess things up and car accident ...Duration: 2:29 Posted: May 30, 2018

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Nov 28, 2018 ˇ Lightning is worried regarding the possibility that Blood Shepherd will team up with Revolver ...Duration: 2:19 Posted: Nov 28, 2018