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Video for Zombie Tidal Wave
Jul 18, 2019 · From Ian Ziering and the director of the Sharknado movies comes Zombie Tidal Wave. Do we ...Duration: 1:25 Posted: Jul 18, 2019
Jul 20, 2019 · ZOMBIE TIDAL WAVE Official Trailer Movie in theatre 17 August 2019. © 2019 - SYFY WIRE. Show less Show more. Buy Movie Trailers Source ...

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1h 26m Zombie Tidal Wave / Running time Then again, it had me almost not thinking about Donald Trump and the looming spectre of death for 86 minutes. Tough call.
Rating (579)
Zombie Tidal Wave (2019) · Videos · Photos · Cast · Storyline · Did You Know? · User Reviews · Frequently Asked Questions · Details ... Full Cast & Crew · Plot Summary · Release Dates · Filming & Production
Zombie Tidal Wave pays homage to the zombie classics of the '80s with a modern twist. The SYFY original, directed by Anthony C. Ferrante, is produced by  ...
A zombie-slinging tidal wave hits a small town causing maritime mayhem.
Aug 20, 2019 · Question: how does the title thing happen? Zombies emerge from a fissure at the bottom of the ocean, opened by an earthquake, which causes ...
Aug 16, 2019 · Zombie Tidal Wave premieres on SYFY Saturday, August 17 at 9pm ET/8pm CT. It's part of SYFYs "Off the Deep End Weekend," which means ...
Video for Zombie Tidal Wave
Aug 17, 2019 · Zombie Tidal Wave. TV-141 hr 26 min2019. SYFY. Details.Duration: 1:26:23 Posted: Aug 17, 2019
Sep 3, 2020 · It occurs because of an accidental chemical spill on a sunken boat and that causes an earthquake effect so zombies are popping up from the ...
Aug 15, 2019 · 'Zombie Tidal Wave' has a lot less CGI than 'Sharknado'. A tornado swarming with sharks can only be created in a computer. The tidal wave in ...

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