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Yusaku Fujiki ( 藤 ( ふじ ) 木 ( き ) 遊 ( ゆう ) 作 ( さく ) , Fujiki Yūsaku) is the main protagonist of Yu-Gi-Oh! VRAINS and a former victim of the Hanoi Project, which  ...

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What happened to Yusaku?
Yusaku was one of the six kidnapped children, who were used for the Hanoi Project. He woke up in a white, empty room, with VR goggles. He placed them on, and was forced to Duel, with the penalties of being both electrocuted and having nothing to eat if he lost.
How old is Yusaku?
Yusaku Fujiki
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Who is the strongest Yugioh?

Yu-Gi-Oh!: The 5 Strongest Monsters Ever Created (& The 5 Weakest)

1 STRONGEST: The Egyptian God Cards.
2 WEAKEST: Fusionist. ...
3 STRONGEST: Exodia The Forbidden One. ...
4 WEAKEST: Thousand-Eyes Idol. ...
5 STRONGEST: Five-Headed Dragon. ...
6 WEAKEST: Dancing Elf. ...
7 STRONGEST: Dragon Master Knight. ...
8 WEAKEST: Skull Servant. ...
Yu-Gi-Oh!: The 5 Strongest Monsters Ever Created (& The 5 Weakest) > yu-gi-oh-strongest-weakest-monster-cards-all-time
What does Cyberse mean?
Cyberse (サイバース Saibāsu) is a Type of monster. ... At times though, they tend to resemble either Insect, Machine or Psychic monsters (the humanoids bearing design elements from the TRON franchise). The name is a portmanteau of "Cyber" (サイバー Saibā) and "Universe" (ユニバース Yunibāsu).
Video for Yugioh VRAINS, Yusaku
Sep 25, 2019 · VRAINS, One Piece and all logos, character names and distinctive likenesses thereof are ...Duration: 2:07 Posted: Sep 25, 2019
Video for Yugioh VRAINS, Yusaku
Jul 4, 2018 · Yugioh VRAINS #58 - Young Yusaku meets Young Ryoken. 11,059 views11K views. • Jul 4 ...Duration: 1:50 Posted: Jul 4, 2018
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49 cards, featuring the most iconic cards used by Yusaku Fujiki (Playmaker) in Yu -Gi-Oh VRAINS. 1 Cyberse Magician. 1 Cyberse Wizard. 1 Cyberse Gadget.
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Yugioh Vrains (Fem) Yusaku Demonguy123. 1.8K2510. After all Yusaku had gone through, The Lost Incident, The Tower of Hanoi, The Ignis Warfare ...

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