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Why was unforgettable Cancelled?
According to Deadline, the drama's 13-episode fourth season will be its last. The cast's contracts have expired and there appear to be no efforts by the production studio to find a new home for a potential fifth season. Unforgettable, which was based on a 2008 short story by J.
How many episodes are in season 3 of Unforgettable?
Unforgettable / Number of episodes
Will there be a season 5 of Unforgettable?
A&E has cancelled Poppy Montgomery drama seriesUnforgettable,” Variety has confirmed. The show wrapped its fourth season in January and A&E has declined to order Season 5.
How many episodes are there in Unforgettable Season 4?
13 Unforgettable / Number of episodes Season four of Unforgettable features 13 episodes where the enigmatic Carrie Wells (Poppy Montgomery) and her perfect memory work with her partner Al Burns (Dylan Walsh) and the Major Crimes team of the NYPD to maintain her 100% clearance rate on a staggering number of criminal cases.
The third season of Unforgettable an American police procedural drama television series originally aired on CBS from June 29, 2014, through September 14, ... Cast and characters · Episodes
A young ambitious world news reporter turns up dead the day she breaks a big news story implicating a high ranking official in a sex scandal. Carrie and Al both ...
Rating (365)
In the third season of Unforgettable, Carrie Wells, a detective with a flawless memory, continues to work alongside partner and ex-boyfriend Al Burns in the Major ...
In the third season of UNFORGETTABLE, join Detective Carrie Wells (Poppy Montgomery) as she works high-profile cases in the NYPD Major Crimes ...
Air date: Jun 29, 2014. Season 3 begins with Carrie and Al working with the Secret Service on a murder investigation. The probe uncovers a counterfeiting ring ...
Season 3 begins with Carrie and Al working with the Secret Service on a murder investigation. The probe uncovers a counterfeiting ring that is run by an ...
Video for Unforgettable Season 3
Jun 29, 2014 · Season 3 Episodes. tbd. S3:E13. DOA. Air Date: September 14, 2014. tbd. S3: E12 ...Posted: Jun 29, 2014
UNFORGETTABLE stars Poppy Montgomery as Carrie Wells, an enigmatic former police detective with a rare condition that makes her memory so flawless that ...
Season 3. This article features episode summaries from the third season of Unforgettable. The second season premiered on June 29, 2014 on Sunday at 9 pm, ...

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