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ça me tient à cœur
"I care" in French
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My brother leaves his dog in my care when he travels. — Mon frère me confie la garde de son chien quand il voyage. souci m. Tourists leave their cares behind ...
in a gift that can simultaneously change the lives of three Canadian families and let one of your friends or family members know how much you care about them?
Translations in context of "i care" in English-French from Reverso Context: i don't care, i care about, i can take care, i took care, i do not care.
Video for I care in French
Jan 20, 2017 · What is the correct translation of i care about you to French? How to say i care about you in ...Duration: 0:28 Posted: Jan 20, 2017
I care about the issue of global warming. Je me sens concerné ... Do you care what kind of cereal I get? Est-ce que ça t'importe le ... WordReference English- French Dictionary © 2020: ... Mary works as a care assistant in an old people's home. Care home · Care assistant · Day care · Career
Jul 17, 2018 · I cared for my ailing mother until she got better. Tu peux prendre soin de mon chat pendant mon voyage ? Lui faire des câlins ? Can you take care ...
in sb's care [child] à la garde de qn ⧫ confié(e) à qn. to take care of (= look after) [ person, thing] s'occuper de ⧫ prendre soin de. I take care of the children on ...
If I wanted to say, "I care about my family" or something like that, how would you say it? ... TIL turkey is “dinde” in French because it came from the West Indies ...

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Mar 9, 2019 · How do you say “I don't care” in French? Well, surprisingly, there are a few ways you can say that phrase to signify varying degrees of ...
Je ne vois pas d'autres traductions que Je tiens à toi. Mais à l'usage, c'est intime, c'est presque aussi fort qu'un je t'aime. Donc une relation ...

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