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May 16, 2011 · At the end of the episode, we see Charlie getting off a bus and meeting up with Carol. But Carol thanks her for her work and calls her “Ivy.” So it ...
May 16, 2011 · Season 4, Episode 22 ... The Wrong Goodbye is the 22nd episode of the fourth season and the 87th overall. It is also the season finale. ... she is, and introduces her to Cecily von Ziegesar (the author of the Gossip Girl novels).

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What happens at the end of Season 4 of Gossip Girl?
At the end of the episode, we see Charlie getting off a bus and meeting up with Carol. But Carol thanks her for her work and calls her “Ivy.” So it seems as though Ivy was hired by Carol to play the part of her daughter. Carol explains that now her family will leave her real daughter alone.
What happens in Gossip Girl Season 4 Episode 22?
Georgina Sparks turns up looking to get into trouble, and finds out a secret Charlie has been keeping. Meanwhile, Serena and Vanessa reluctantly join forces to find Charlie, who has not take Dan's rejection of her well. Blair must make a choice between the men in her life when her life is put in danger.
What episode does Chuck and Blair get back together Season 4?
"The Wrong Goodbye"
Gossip Girl episode
Episode no.
Season 4 Episode 22
Directed by
Patrick Norris
Written by
Joshua Safran
Who does Rufus end up with in Gossip Girl finale?
He finds the records and returns them to Lily, and the two become somewhat civil again. In the series finale New York, I Love You XOXO time jump, Rufus is dating Lisa Loeb and is friendly with Lily. He is present when Dan marries Serena.
Episode no. Season 4. Episode 22. Directed by, Patrick Norris. Written by, Joshua Safran. Production code, 422. Original ... Plot · Production · Casting
The fourth season of the American teen drama television series Gossip Girl premiered on The CW on September 13, 2010, and concluded on May 16, 2011,  ... Episodes · Production · Cast · Plot
May 17, 2011 · S4 E22. type. TV Show. Was that the finale of Gossip Girl or a fever ... I vote for her to become a regular next season or at least come back more ...

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May 17, 2011 · Blair and Chuck have one last night together. At the end, they realize that they can never love anyone like each other. So you know that means, ...
Aug 22, 2011 · Missed the season 4 finale? Catch up now! Bet you thought Russell Thorpe's Blair-napping would occupy the whole finale, didn't you? Wrong!
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Season 4 Episode 22 ... Season four wraps up with an explosive finale, including the return of Georgina Sparks and Constance ... Kaylee DeFer in Gossip Girl ( 2007) · Leighton Meester and Ed Westwick in Gossip Girl (2007) · Ed Westwick in  ...
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May 17, 2011 · Gossip girl 4x22 - Season Finale - End scenes - The Wrong Goodbye. 335K views. 710. 12 ...Duration: 4:53 Posted: May 17, 2011

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