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Just as the Omega Metroid is about to deal the finishing blow, the SA-X that fled ... part and back down to the bottom in an endless cycle as long as she stays there. ... to how tall Samus would be standing in the space) to taunt the SA-X. If Samus ... Interestingly, Metroid Fusion is the only 2D game in the series to allow Samus ...

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How long does it take to complete Super Metroid?
The game can also be saved at Samus's gunship, which fully recharges her health and ammunition as well. Super Metroid has three endings based on the time taken to complete the game, which determine whether Samus poses with or without her suit. The best ending is achieved when the game is completed under three hours.
What is Samus real name?
Samus Aran
Voiced by
Metroid Prime series Jennifer Hale Super Smash Bros. series Alésia Glidewell Metroid: Other M Jessica Martin Ai Kobayashi (Japanese)
In-universe information
Full name
Samus Aran
Newborn Entrusted One
Is Metroid a girl or boy?
Samus Aran (サムス・アラン, Samusu Aran) is a female (girl) video game character, who is the main character of the Metroid games. Because she does not remove her suit or talk much, people thought she was a boy until they saw the ending of Metroid, which shows Samus without her suit.
Why is Samus a girl?
Metroid introduced gamers to intergalactic bounty hunter Samus Aran. At first players were led to believe that the hero was a man - the game's accompanying booklet referred to Samus as a “he”. But those who completed the game fast enough were in for a shock: at the end Samus revealed herself to be a woman.
SA-X is created by the parasite X due reproduce Samus DNA and her suit, again ... In Metroid Fusion, the ability for Samus to grab onto ledges was a new feature, ... Regardless of what future games do, or how the long beam is handled, that ...
Aug 17, 2014 · Metroid Fusion is notorious for its difficult boss battles, and as such, strategies are ... 11 BOX-2; 12 Ridley. 12.1 100%; 12.2 1%; 12.3 Any%. 13 SA-X ... The timing is very precise, but as long as you have enough missiles, there is no ... When Zazabi is jumping around, pay attention to how he's jumping.
Metroid Fusion is an action-adventure game published by Nintendo for the Game Boy Advance ... She discovers a restricted lab containing Metroids, and the SA-X sets off the labs' ... Objectives are also flexible in how they can be completed, acting "more as a guide for what ... If you stay too long, the SA-X will destroy you.
Aug 5, 2003 · Then in 1993, playing Metroid II during the long car trip from Sydney to the Gold Coast (1100 km). ... And Metroid Fusion has already given me a memory... that is: slaving ... It's good to know how to do this at the start of the game before you ... Q: Why did the SA-X help Samus destroy the Omega Metroid?
Aug 12, 2003 · Metroid Fusion is a video game that only works with the Game Boy Advance video ... Q: What is the SA-X? A: The SA-X is a X parasite that mimics Samus! ... As long as you do not get off the ladder, you will never take damage! ... In an e- mail he sent, he told me the following: "You know how there are two ...
May 1, 2014 · Apart from the Security Robot this creature is the only non-X opponent you'll have to face, and you're about to really find out how effective ...

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Oct 6, 2013 · I guess it's been a long-time coming to finally play through this game. ... Still, this is ...Duration: 20:28 Posted: Oct 6, 2013
Metroid: Fusion (Video Game 2002) - Plot Summary Poster ... samples that can tell how the ecosystem is doing without the Metroids on top of the food chain. ... As the SA-X is a copy of Samus at full power, there is no way she can defeat it in her current fragile state. ... It doesn't take long for a huge Omega Metroid to appear.
Metroid Fusion is better than Zero-mission : A long review over the best of the ... the federation slave computer can monologue about how the SA-X is going to ...

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Omega Metroids are nearly full-grown Metroids, grown past the Alpha, Gamma, and Zeta phases. If they have a specific gene, they can grow to become a Queen. While on SR388, Samus battles four Omega Metroids shortly before encountering a Queen. These attack by firing energy bursts and by ramming. Omega Metroid - Metroid Wiki