Scare Tactics


When the Larvae Breaks

Scare Tactics: Season 3, Episode 10
A young janitor cleaning a mad scientist's lab finds a human-sized cocoon; a non-human thief is caught on tape by a man working video surveillance; an art appraiser finds himself facing a cursed samurai sword; a hidden camera prank goes wrong.
Air date: October 14, 2008
Previous episode: Home Video Horror
Next episode: Big Scoop of Scary
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When the Larvae Breaks. TV-PG | 21min | Comedy, Horror, Reality-TV | Episode aired 14 October 2008. Season 3 | Episode 10. Previous ∑ All Episodes (151).
In the season premiere of Scare Tactics, a young woman working in a medical clinic ... must talk his way out of a deadly confrontation or he may be next. 3:10 to Hell. S3, Ep2 ... A young man dressed as a genie grants three "deadly" wishes.
A human-sized cocoon is discovered by a man asked to clean a mad scientist's lab.
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Aug 2, 2018Watch Scare Tactics S03e10 - Series on Dailymotion.Duration: 21:46 Posted: Aug 2, 2018
A kid's birthday party goes wrong. Watch Alien Car Crash. Episode 10 of Season 5. Alien Car Crash. 22m. A†...
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Episodes (23) ∑ 1. 301: Satan's Baby This video is currently unavailable ∑ 2. Episode 302: 3:10 to Hell ∑ 3. Episode 303: Deadly Genie in a Beer Bottle ∑ 4. Episode†...
Oct 14, 2008Scare Tactics. 2003; 5 Seasons; Syfy; TV-14; reality, sci-fi. Terrifying practical jokes are staged on unsuspecting victims in a hidden-camera series†...
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Camp Kill. Scare Tactics: Season 3: Episode 10. USER SCORE ∑ No score yet ∑ tbd. VOTE ...
Season Three[edit]. 301: Satan's Baby, Wood Chipper, Psychic, Black Project; 302: 3:10 to Hell, Patient's Rage, Fire†...
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