The Nanny

1993 ‧ Sitcom ‧ 6 seasons
6.9/10 ˇ IMDb
When she appears on the doorstep of wealthy widower Maxwell Sheffield's New York home, cosmetics saleswoman Fran Fine unexpectedly gets a job as the nanny for the Broadway producer's three children, Maggie, Brighton and Grace. Fran brings her...
First episode date: November 3, 1993
Final episode date: June 23, 1999
Network: CBS
S06 E22 ˇ The Baby Shower
Jun 23, 1999
S06 E21 ˇ Maggie's Wedding
Jun 23, 1999
S06 E20 ˇ Yetta's Letters
Jun 16, 1999
S06 E19 ˇ The Dummy Twins
Jun 16, 1999
S06 E18 ˇ The Producers
Jun 9, 1999
S06 E17 ˇ Ma'ternal Affairs
Jun 2, 1999
S06 E16 ˇ The Finale - Part 2
May 12, 1999
S06 E15 ˇ The Finale - Part 1
May 12, 1999
S06 E14 ˇ California Here We Come
Mar 31, 1999
S06 E13 ˇ The Yummy Mummy
Feb 3, 1999
S06 E12 ˇ The Fran in the Mirror
Jan 20, 1999
S06 E11 ˇ The In-Law Who Came Forever
Jan 6, 1999
S06 E10 ˇ The Hanukkah Story
Dec 16, 1998
S06 E09 ˇ Oh, Say, Can You Ski?
Nov 25, 1998
S06 E08 ˇ Making Whoopi
Nov 18, 1998
S06 E07 ˇ Mom's the Word
Nov 11, 1998
S06 E06 ˇ I'm Pregnant
Nov 4, 1998
S06 E05 ˇ Maggie's Boyfriend
Oct 28, 1998
S06 E04 ˇ Sara's Parents
Oct 21, 1998
S06 E03 ˇ Once a Secretary, Always a Secretary
Oct 14, 1998
S06 E02 ˇ Fran Gets Shushed
Oct 7, 1998
S06 E01 ˇ The Honeymoon's Overboard
Sep 30, 1998
S05 E23 ˇ The Wedding - Part 2
May 13, 1998
S05 E22 ˇ The Wedding - Part 1
May 13, 1998
S05 E21 ˇ The Best Man
May 6, 1998
S05 E20 ˇ The Pre-nup
Apr 29, 1998
S05 E19 ˇ Immaculate Concepcion
Apr 1, 1998
S05 E18 ˇ The Reunion Show
Mar 25, 1998
S05 E17 ˇ Homie-Work
Mar 18, 1998
S05 E16 ˇ The Dinner Party
Mar 11, 1998
S05 E15 ˇ The Engagement
Mar 4, 1998
S05 E14 ˇ Not Without My Nanny
Jan 28, 1998
S05 E13 ˇ Call Me Fran
Jan 21, 1998
S05 E12 ˇ One False Mole and You're Dead
Jan 14, 1998
S05 E11 ˇ Rash to Judgment
Jan 7, 1998
S05 E10 ˇ From Flushing With Love
Dec 17, 1997
S05 E09 ˇ Educating Fran
Dec 10, 1997
S05 E08 ˇ Fair Weather Fran
Nov 19, 1997
S05 E07 ˇ Mommy and Mai
Nov 12, 1997
S05 E06 ˇ A Decent Proposal
Nov 5, 1997
S05 E05 ˇ The Ex-Niles
Oct 29, 1997
S05 E04 ˇ Fransom
Oct 22, 1997
S05 E03 ˇ The Bobbie Fleckman Story
Oct 15, 1997
S05 E02 ˇ First Date
Oct 8, 1997
S05 E01 ˇ The Morning After
Oct 1, 1997
S04 E26 ˇ Fran's Gotta Have It
May 21, 1997
S04 E25 ˇ The Boca Story
May 14, 1997
S04 E24 ˇ The Heather Biblow Story
May 7, 1997
S04 E23 ˇ You Bette Your Life
Apr 30, 1997
S04 E22 ˇ No Muse Is Good Muse
Apr 23, 1997
S04 E21 ˇ The Passed-Over Story
Apr 9, 1997
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Is the nanny on Netflix?
It's not currently available to watch on platforms like Netflix or Hulu, but you can stream the first two seasons on the Roku Channel, Cozi TV and Logo TV.
Why was the nanny Cancelled?
Fran Drescher says her on-screen romance with co-star Charles Shaughnessy killed The Nanny. The Nanny was canceled soon after Fran and Maxwell put that unreleased sexual tension behind them and became an item. ...
How old was Fran on the nanny?
Just before Fran's wedding, Fran says she was born during President Kennedy's administration. Nonetheless, she has indirectly revealed her age in some instances throughout the series including in a season 5 episode in 1998 where she claims to her boyfriend that she's 34.
How many seasons are there of the nanny?
6 The Nanny / Number of seasons The comedy aired for six seasons on CBS from 1993 to 1999; after a rough first year, it quickly became one of the highest-rated sitcoms of the late '90s. The Nanny earned 12 Emmy Award nominations, winning only one for Fran Fine's "outstanding" costumes.
The Nanny is an American sitcom television series which originally aired on CBS from November 3, 1993 to June 23, 1999, starring Fran Drescher as Fran Fine, ... List of The Nanny episodes ˇ List of The Nanny characters ˇ Season 1 ˇ Season 6 Ending theme: "The Nanny Named Fran" (Instrumental) No. of seasons: 6 Theme music composer: Ann Hampton Callaway; (Pilot episode: Cy Coleman and Dorothy Fields) No. of episodes: 146 (list of episodes)
Rating (36,581)
Created by Fran Drescher, Prudence Fraser, Peter Marc Jacobson. With Fran Drescher, Charles Shaughnessy, Daniel Davis, Lauren Lane. After being fired from ... Air date of first episode: 3 November 1993
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May 11, 2015 ˇ CLICK TO SUBSCRIBE: Mr. Sheffield's grandmother gets in the way of ...Duration: 2:03 Posted: May 11, 2015
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Apr 6, 2020 ˇ Availability: “The Nanny” presently airs in the U.S. on The Roku Channel, Cozi TV and Logo TV ...Duration: 33:09 Posted: Apr 6, 2020
Fran Drescher stars as Fran Fine, a street-smart young woman with a face out of Vogue and a voice out of Queens who stumbles onto the opportunity to become ...
Starring the one and only Fran Drescher in her signature role, The Nanny charmed television audiences throughout its six-season network run. Detailing the comic ... The Nanny - The Complete First Season: Fran Drescher, Charles Shaughnessy, Daniel Davis, Nicholle Tom, Benjamin Salisbury, Madeline Zima, ... Program creator: Fran Drescher Producer: Fran Drescher
Fran Drescher created The Nanny with then-husband, Peter Marc Jacobson. The exes later created the series, Happily Divorced, inspired by their real-world ...
Mar 31, 2020 ˇ Fran Drescher teased on Twitter last week that there was a "surprise" in the works for "The Nanny" fans.
The Nanny. 810K likes. Created by Fran Drescher and Peter Marc Jacobson. Stars Fran Drescher, Charles Shaughnessy and Daniel Davis. With Lauren Lane, ...

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