Sue Galloway, Actress: 30 Rock: Frank vs. Lutz. Sue Galloway is an actress and writer, known for 30 Rock: Frank vs. Lutz (2009), Sisters (2015) and 30 Rock†...

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Are Lutz and Sue married in real life?
Personal life Lutz is married to Saturday Night Live contributor and 30 Rock co-star Sue Galloway.
Who is John Lutz married to?
Sue Galloway
John Lutz / Spouse
Who plays Lutz?
John Lutz
J.D. Lutz / Played by
I'm Sue Galloway. I originally hail from Malvern, PA and I currently reign from New York City. Let me know if you're easily offended by weather related puns by †...
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The latest Tweets from Sue Galloway (@suedgalloway). there. are. four. lights. New York, World.
Sue Galloway is an actress, writer and comedian who lives in New York City. You may remember her from 30 Rock (NBC), or from "that commercial." Recent†...
Sue Galloway. . ( m. 2009). John Michael Lutz (born April 23, 1973) is an American actor, comedian, and screenwriter.
Sue Galloway. Sue Galloway is an actress and writer. Her television appearances include performances on 30 Rock and Adult Swim's Fat Guy Stuck in Internet.
Mar 15, 2012Sue Galloway was originally cast as an extra in the 30 Rock writers room. Now her character has a name, an accent, and a personality.
Portrayer. Sue Galloway. Sue Laroche-Van der Hout is a fictional character played by Sue Galloway on†... Children: One daughter First Appearance: "Episode"

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